Tidal Diamond 505 – Compound, Cadets, Cruiser Launch, Welfare Officer, Gig

Tidal Diamond No. 505

COMPOUND Re-Org Saturday 9th at 08:30 HOURS
**Opportunity to do your club maintenance hours**

Please make sure your trolley is marked clearly with your surname to make identifying it as quick as possible on Saturday. Many boats are NOT named and this makes the re-org difficult, time consuming and frankly is not fair. I have some name tags to tie to boats – see me. Obviously boats will have to be moved so it is important that the tyres are pumped up, the trolley is in good order and the boat is not full of water – having looked around in the compound yesterday this is not the case at the moment! We usually have a large number of members helping on the compound on re-org day. Can you please bring along some gardening gloves and together we can shift boats, clear weeds and generally clear up our compound and surrounding areas. I will bring some ‘strong’ bags. Let me know about any ‘movements of boats’ in the compound. Email is best way please.

This is an excellent day for new members to meet us, please make yourself known.

See you there,

Linda Vacher
Compound Bosun

Cadet Pre-season meeting: Wednesday April 13th 7:00

Please note the new earlier starting time!

As usual we will be having a pre season meeting, collecting sign-on sheets, and forming the 2016 register. There will be a short briefing from me. Our welfare officer will be giving a short child protection briefing. We will also run through how to rig an oppose, topper and our new club boats- the Feva and Quba. I would like everyone, children and parents to know this so we can all help each other during the frantic half hour before we launch.

Rob Nicholson
Cadet Captain

Cruiser re-launch

The cruiser re-launch went very well with most members helping each other. Many thanks to everyone who helped make the weekend the success it was. We used the Sunday to make sure the dinghy end was clear and did a lot of ‘litter picking’ in the compound – sadly this was rubbish that some members had left for others to clear up! It was heartening to hear compliments re the way we arrange / carry out the ‘boat lifts’. There are a lot of wooden posts, blocks etc that belong to someone; this is mainly just inside the North gates. If this is yours please remove by the end of the week. Cheers.

Linda Vacher
Compound Bosun

Cruiser Relaunch Weekend

Thank you all all the members who came down over the weekend and helped with cruiser relaunch. There are too many to name them all but you all know who you are and the help is appreciated.

Hannah Barnes

Welfare Officer

I am pleased to announce that we have appointed Helen DuCane as the new club Welfare Officer. Helen is a familiar face at cadets and at club socials. Helen can be contacted on welfare or see her at the club during cadets.

Hannah Barnes

GIG Activity

The Gig is now owned by the Tudor Sailing Club. A stainless keel band has been fitted so it will now withstand the slipway usage.

In the short term the Exec. have asked me to oversee and control its usage, obviously this will seriously restrict its “outings”……therefore we rapidly need to build a list of members who are willing to be responsible for putting her on the water……Please let me know a.s.a.p. if you are happy with this role …..I am working on the coaching aspects. Obviously it will take a while for a usage pattern to emerge, but to get things started I propose to put her afloat this coming Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th mornings @ 0930hrs …….and Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th in the evening @ 1800 hrs…..

The best crew arrangement is a Cox and 3 oarsmen….(one sat central sculling with twin oars and a bow and stern with single sweep oars)….i.e. 4 in total….It is easy to swap about while afloat if the cox wants to row or the crew want to change positions. Let me know your preferred slot time …..I will be working to have some sort of interactive page on the club site for crewing as soon as possible….in the meantime I will reply to all who email me wanting a place as to whether the crew is full or not. My email address is;- ianducane

Please let me know of any ideas/suggestions that you may have regarding any aspect of operating this boat.

Let’s “Dig Water”

Ian Ducane

Diary Dates

Social Events Sailing Events
RYA Push the Boat Out May 21st Compound Reorganisation April 9th
Langstone Harbour Race Weekend / Presentation Evening June 3rd – 5th Saturday Series 3 & 4 April 9th
Family Fun Day June 25th Spring Series 2 April 10th
America’s Cup Weekend (event TBC) July 21st – 24th Cadets Pre Season Meeting April 13th