Tidal Diamond 492 – Thanks, Renewals, Vacancies, Presentation Evening, Gig, Laser Covers

Tidal Diamond No. 492

Diary Dates

Social Events Sailing Events
Cadets monthly social January 27th Icicle 1 January 10th
Darts Match (at Langstone SC) January 29th Icicle 2 January 24th
Presentation Evening February 5th Icicle 3 February 7th

Thank You

Those of us who were there, will be aware of the debates we had an the Club’s AGM. One important point that was inadvertently missed out, was a vote of thanks to the members standing down on the Executive Committee and on other Club Committees. I hope Members will join me in recording a vote of thanks for the valuable service rendered by the Committee Members and Officers.

Chris and Lin Goodyear


If you have any Club Duty Logs that have not yet been signed/or sent to Jan Sobey, please could you do this as soon as possible. If your duties are not recorded then you will be charged for any outstanding hours when, you receive your renewal invoice.

Many thanks

Jan Sobey
Assistant Secretary

Vacancy for Club Welfare Officer

Fiona Bowles, our current Club Welfare Officer has decided to step down due to the imminent arrival of a new baby. Thank you to Fiona for her work as Welfare officer over the last year. We now need to appoint a new Club Welfare Officer, whose main responsibility is the safeguarding of our cadets. The job description, child protection policy and good practice guidelines are attached but please contact me if you need any more information.

Please send applications to me by Wednesday 27th January, so that the appointment can be considered at the February Exec Committee meeting.

Hannah Barnes

Vacancy for Assistant Secretary

Following the AGM there was no nomination for the Assistant Secretary role, whose main duties are handling renewals and taking the exec minutes. If you are interested in the role then please contact myself or Paul Megson for more details. In the short term Jan Sobey has volunteered to assist with renewals for 2016 and to handover to a new assistant secretary. Thanks to Jan for her help.

Hannah Barnes

Presentation Evening
Saturday 6 February

If you had a good season come and collect your awards or come and support those who did.

Full details to follow.

Sandie Parker

Purchase of 15ft Gig by Ian DuCane

I was disappointed that the idea to start a Gig rowing section failed to gain the necessary enthusiasm from the majority of the club members and after the vote I was minded to allow the whole idea to “fall into history”. However I was immediately approached by several members who were very supportive of the idea and expressed a strong desire to purchase the boat privately. I was thus immediately swung back to a more positive frame of mind and I have now purchased the Gig that was for sale, there was no time to lose as I had already stalled the advertising of the boat for over a month and I owed the owners a prompt decision.

I am planning on collecting the boat on Thursday of this week so it should be available for interested parties to scrutinise at the weekend. I am planning on being at the club at 0900hrs on Sunday morning to meet any interested members.

Anyone interested in supporting this venture with a view to possibly purchasing a share of this Gig should either turn up on Sunday, or contact me by phone or email prior to Sunday morning. Tel: 07775916077; email: ianducane.

I am sure this will be a fun boat for all involved.

Very Best Regards

Ian Ducane

Does your Laser need a new cover?

At the end of season dinghy meeting it was observed that there are quite a few lasers that could do with a new cover. I have approached several suppliers and have managed to secure discounts for a bulk buy of 10 or more covers. The current best price is £64 from Rooster Sailing – https://www.roostersailing.com/pd/Laser-Top-Cover-in-1680D-Polyester-High-UV-resistant_100685.htm

If you need a new cover and would like to take advantage of this offer then please let me know by Friday 29th January.

Hannah Barnes