Tidal Diamond 357 – Vacant posts, Thanks, Christmas Events

Tidal Diamond No. 357

Generator Needed

If any member has a 230V generator of 750W or greater capacity and would be prepared to lend it to Jim Hair for work on the club piles (scrubbing posts), please call Jim Hair on 023 9238 1931.

Richard Gunn

New Bar Manager Needed

After 7 years, Mark Tranter would like to relinquish the post of Bar Manager and so the Exec Committee would like to invite applications for this post (which is an Exec appointment not elected by the AGM).


  • To attend the monthly Executive Committee Meeting
  • For ensuring the Bar Duty Rota has a full complement of trained staff and to monitor and manage attendance
  • For checking the bar stock level once a week to ensure that the bar is fully stocked with food and drink
  • For checking the Club social diary and with the Club Social Secretary to ensure the stock is adequate for Club and
  • private functions
  • For providing additional Bar provision at the two annual “lifts” and Regatta events
  • For ordering bar stock to meet the above requirements
  • For checking the bar gas bottles and ordering accordingly
  • For checking the glass washer cleaning liquid and bar cleaning equipment and ordering accordingly
  • For checking that the pipe cleaners rota is written and adhered to
  • For ensuring that the bar waste is recycled
  • For performing two stock checks per annum
  • For submitting an annual budget to the Honorary Treasurer
  • To liaise with the Club Social Secretary on staff for private functions
  • To provide annual confirmation to the Commodore of Bar duties performed in advance of renewals

If you are interested, please apply to the Hon. Secretary, Mo Clark by Friday 13th December. To discuss the post, please contact Mark Tranter.

Richard Gunn

Vacant Committee Posts

After the Nomination meeting last Friday, the following posts are still without Nominations:

  • Vice Commodore
  • Bosun
  • Maintenance Committee (1 member)
  • Sailing Committee (2 members)
  • Social Committee (3 members)

Please think long and hard about how you could contribute to help the club run. The more you put in the more you get out (I still maintain that view even after 10 months as Commodore, honest). If you want to find out more about what the posts involve, please feel free to talk to me or the club officer for the relevant committee (Paul Lovejoy for Sailing).

Richard Gunn


I’m sure Members will join me offering a vote of thanks to those carried out this years somewhat protracted lay-up lift-in, mentioning in particular: Ian Smith, Andy Goodyear, Frank Sharvill, Keith Prior Smith and ”water babies’: Steve, Colin and Mark.

Also thanks for the forbearance of the Frostbite Series guys. Hope you get a chance to get a replacement race in.

Chris Goodyear

jajgibfi jajgibfi

TSC Christmas Party 2013 will be on Saturday 14th December

There will be a cadet’s party (with family) starting at 5.00pm
Make sure you’re good as there will again be a special visitor to the club that day…………
There will be burgers and chips and a pressie included in the ticket price.
If you need a vegetarian option please let me know.

You are all then very welcome and encouraged to stay on into the evening for the main party.
The more the merrier !

CADETS PARENTS : Please let me know asap if you are coming so
I can let Santa know who and how may to expect ! Thanks

Then at 7.30pm we will have the main TSC Christmas party
There will be a curry and rice available (chicken and also a vegetarian option)
There will be party games, music, food and the bar will be open

Cadets tickets £5.00 each
Adults tickets £5.00 each
(one ticket will cover you for both parties)

Please pre-book your tickets as soon as possible so we can plan numbers for the evening.
It is really helpful to know numbers more than a week in advance to plan food requirements.
Tickets will be available (Friday 15th onwards) from the galley, bar or any member of the social
committee or you can book by emailing me socialsec

It really would be good to see as many people there as possible to make it a fun evening.

Steve Francis
TSC Social Secretary

TSC Christmas Carols 2014 will be on Friday 20th December starting at 8.00pm

Come along to sing a carol or two and enjoy a Christmas drink with your friends at the club

Steve Francis
TSC Social Secretary