Tidal Diamond 353 – Postal Votes, Trophies, Thanks

Tidal Diamond No. 353

Postal Votes – Annual General Meeting
Sunday 12th January 2014

Reminder for those members who would like a postal vote for the AGM.

Please make your application for a postal vote in writing to Maureen Clark, Hon Secretary. All applications should be with me by noon on Monday 11th November 2013.

Thank you

Maureen Clark
Hon Secretary

Tudor Trophies from 2012

Please could all those skilful sailors who won a trophy from Tudor’s collection last year, please return it to the club. It can be put behind the bar. I need to get them engraved for presentation to this year’s equally skilled bunch.

Many thanks

Sandie Parker
Sailing Committee


Thanks to everyone who helped at the compound re-org. As usual there was plenty of support. I think we have got the compound in a fit condition for the winter. The vast majority of dinghies are accessible. With these windy conditions may I suggest you get down to the compound and check your boat. I have noticed several covers being thrashed around in the wind and one the mast on one (unnamed) boat is a bit loose. Thanks to Phil who has taken time to check all the boats in the Inner Compound and has faced them into the wind. We have purposely not put any boats with mast in the Inner Compound as the wind does tend to ‘whip’ through here.

Thanks also to all the members who helped with the ‘non-recovery’ weekend. The RIB was used as a ferry on the Saturday and over 30 members made use of this service to check and put extra strops on their boats ready for the approaching storm ‘StJude’.

A huge well done for all the efforts to get the tractor going – hopefully this will happen soon and we’ll get the rest of the boats safely ashore.

The Social committee did a wonderful job again in spite of not knowing how many people they were going to feed. They didn’t ‘bat an eyelid’ on knowing there would be no recovery but simply bagged and froze the food ready to use again.

Cheers, its great to see everyone pulling together.

Linda Vacher
Compound Bosun