Tidal Diamond 349 – Cruiser Recovery, Storage of Tenders

Tidal Diamond No. 349

Cruiser Recovery Weekend

Due to the strong winds expected over the weekend, to reduce windage, all skippers should lower their sprayhoods before entering the hoist and leave them lowered until after Monday’s predicted storm. It is also recommended that furling genoas are secured with a tie tied around the sail through the clew.

Richard Gunn, Commodore and George Thomson, Bosun


It has been bought to the attention of the Executive Committee that the charging policy for the storage of tenders, in accordance with Byelaws, was voted on and agreed at the 2011 AGM. Based on this, it was wrong to change the charging policy without first putting it to the membership.

Currently all those with tenders have been invoiced for winter storage space. If you choose to take your tender home or store it underneath your boat and can do so to the satisfaction of the Bosuns, you can present your invoice to the Bosun, who will advise the Hon Secretary to alter the database accordingly and you will not be expected to pay that element of the invoice.

Apologies for any confusion this may have caused and thanks to those who rightfully pointed out the error.

George Thomson, Bosun