Tidal Diamond 511 – Changes, Gig, Race Weekend, Volunteers, Photographs

Tidal Diamond No. 511

Information on compound and hoist fee charges

At the SGM on 10th May 2016, members agreed to some changes to compound and hoist fees. The changes were proposed to allow the club to complete its migration to our new membership and subscription system “Webcollect”, which does not support square foot or linear foot charging. At the SGM, members agreed to change the method of charging for compound space and hoist fees to banded rates, based on similarly sized boats. Members further agreed the groupings of boats into bands, and the rates applicable to each band. Details can be found in my presentation to the SGM, which can be read by following this link:


If you believe any of the dinghy classes or individual cruisers are wrongly classified, please email the Tudor executive committee on executive_committee providing relevant details, and we will consider it at the next executive committee meeting.

Our current fee information in totality can be read by following this link:


Janice Bell

Updated Constitution

At the SGM on 10th May 2016, members agreed to some changes to the club constitution. The constitution incorporating those changes has been added to the members’ area of the website and can be read by following this link:


Paul Megson

Gig Rowing for Pleasure

Relax the mind and Exercise the Body.

Hi all Tudor members, these are the times the Gig will be on the water over the coming week. Saturday 21st May for “Push the Boat out”; also Monday 23rd May @ 1800hrs. and Wednesday 25th May @1800hrs. To be included in a crew just email me at: rowing

Please be reminded that I am “Out of Commission” from 26th May till 15th. July so we need members to put the gig afloat and take out novice crews to continue to build the long term activity. If you are up for that then email me or telephone to discuss 07775916077.

Best Regards
Ian Ducane

Langstone Harbour Race Weekend – Friday 3rd June / Saturday 4th June / Sunday 5th June

The 8th annual Langstone Harbour Race Weekend will be taking place on 3rd- 5th June 2016. There will be 3 down harbour races on the Saturday and 3 on the Sunday. We are welcoming back the Laser 4000, Laser Vago, Buzz and ISO class associations to the event, who are using the weekend as part of their traveler series. This year, we are cramming the normal 3 days of competition into just 2, because of the unsuitable tides over both May bank holiday weekends. There will be a social at Tudor Sailing Club on Friday 3rd June, with food provided by members of Langstone Sailing Club (as we are not able to enjoy Langstone SC’s normal hospitality this year). Locks SC will be hosting a BBQ on Saturday afternoon following the racing, with prize giving hosted by TSC on the Sunday. There will be a race briefing on the Friday evening at approximately 8pm, which will be repeated on Saturday morning for those who are unable to make the Friday night. A notice of race, including start times and other important information can be found on the event website – www.langstonerace.com

Online Entry is now open, so please CLICK HERE TO ENTER

Richard Barnes
Dinghy Captain

Cruiser Volunteer Required – Saturday 4th June and/or Sunday 5th June 2016

The Langstone Harbour Race Weekend organising committee are looking for a cruiser owner who might be able to help support the LHRW 2016 by acting as a committee boat. The committee boat that has been supporting the event for the past 7 years is unavailable on the LHRW this year and we are looking for 1 or 2 cruisers owners from Tudor, who might be able to stand in at the last minute. Locks Sailing Club provide a full race committee to run the racing programme. An overnight marina berth in Southsea marina will be arranged and paid for during the weekend. The race committee will provide full provisions for the weekend. And the LHRW organising committee will offer a reward for the cruiser owner(s) at the prize giving ceremony (normally in the form of a good single malt!).

If you are able to offer support for this fantastic spectacle of dinghy racing, please contact Hannah Barnes, commodore

Hannah Barnes

Available Bar Duties

We have a few gaps in the bar duty calendar over the next few months that still need volunteers! If you are available to cover one or more of these duties please either volunteer through DutyMan (it is fixed now!) or let me know which you can cover by emailing me and I will assign you. The dates are:

Date Duty Type Start End
20 May 16 Early Friday Bar – Friendly Fridays Bar – 1.5 Hour 18:45 20:15
25 May 16 Wednesday Evening Bar – Cadets Bar – 3 Hour 18:45 21:45
24 June 16 Early Friday Bar – Friendly Fridays Bar – 1.5 Hour 18:45 20:15
05 August 16 Early Friday Bar – Friendly Fridays Bar – 1.5 Hour 18:45 20:15
12 August 16 Early Friday Bar – Gales Series 6 Bar – 1.5 Hour 18:45 20:15
12 August 16 Early Friday Bar – Sunset Series 6 Bar – 1.5 Hour 18:45 20:15
19 August 16 Early Friday Bar – Friendly Fridays Bar – 1.5 Hour 18:45 20:15
19 August 16 Friday Bar Bar – 3 Hour 20:15 23:15
26 August 16 Early Friday Bar – Gales Series 7 Bar – 1.5 Hour 18:45 20:15
28 August 16 Sunday Bar