Tidal Diamond 506 – Social, Cruising, Racing, Questionnaire, Club duty, Compound and hoist fees, Gig

Tidal Diamond No. 506

Friday 22nd April : 7.30pm Movie & Curry Night

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Join us at TSC for the first ever movie night on the big screen!! This showing will be "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel". Entrance is free to watch the film and we will also be serving a curry & dessert (£5 per person). If successful we will be putting more of these evenings on! Please book food via socialsec


Steve Francis
Social Secretary

Low Water Cruiser – Saturday 16th April, 11:00

The Low water cruise is the perfect opportunity for a ‘shake down’ after the long, windy winter.

Phil Bryant, our illustrious Vice-Commodore will be your cruise leader for the day, expertly guiding you around the narrow channels of Langstone Harbour. He will be giving a briefing to all participants at 10:45 on the club lawn, with departure from the slip shortly after and congregating at the first liaison point in the entrance to Russell’s lake for around 11:15.

Low Water is at 13:34 (1.7m), so the Tudor fleet will take advantage of the outgoing tide, as we sail down harbour. It is highly likely that Phil will seek some form of refreshment during the day, so bring some cash monies in a water proof container and you will be able to join him for a hot lunch / coffee / other form of brown liquid refreshment from the Ferry Boat Inn.

Please bring plenty of warm clothing, as it is still debatable if the round yellow circle in the sky will make an appearance. If you have any other burning questions that can not wait for the briefing, please email Phil – vicecommodore

Richard Barnes
Dinghy Captain

Self-Timed Race – Sunday 17th April, 11:00

This is a new concept for the dinghy calendar in 2016. Competitors are asked to congregate around 10am in front of workshop to discuss their preferred format for the race and synchronise watches (yes… bringing a watch is essential for this race!). The format, course, start sequence, finish sequence, results and rules are at the discretion of the sailors participating – so this will either be a shining example of a democracy in action, or quickly descend into chaos. This is your opportunity to mould this event format, so bring your ideas and your sense of humour!

Please note: there is no organised patrol boat cover – so sailors should carefully consider the weather conditions prior to taking to the water. However, if anyone would like to practice their patrol boat skills, we are happy for the patrol boats to be launched. If you can practice your PB skills in the vicinity of the Self timed race fleet then you will be providing them with an element of security in knowing that you are there. Please note that you do not have an obligation to cover the whole race – the racers know that they are unsupported so any cover you chose to offer for part or the whole of the race is a fortunate benefit to them.

Richard Barnes
Dinghy Captain

Final call for Patrol Boat questionnaire submissions

If you expect to be using the Tudor Patrol Boats over the coming years, it would be much appreciated if you could complete this short questionnaire:


The Sailing Committee are starting to plan how we can meet our commitment, voted for at the last AGM, to have all Tudor Patrol Boat helms qualified to RYA Level 2 within the next 5 years. The questionnaire will give us lots of good information to use as a starting point for this project. We have already had a strong response which is much appreciated. We will be closing the survey on Friday 22nd May so it will be much appreciated if anyone who has not done so already could go online and complete this for us.

Many thanks

Will Stokely
Sailing Secretary

Training Requests for Duties

Are you a new member looking to get involved in the club’s duty rosters? Or perhaps you are an old member looking to change the type of club duty you perform?

Did you know you can apply to be trained in one of the club duty disciplines via the TSC website?

The club are always keen to encourage our members to train in multiple disciplines, whether that is in the Galley, behind the Bar, in the Race Box or out in a club Patrol Boat.

Log into the members only area, using the credentials found in your club calendar and click on the Members Duty Training Request section at the bottom of the page, or click here:


Richard Barnes
Dinghy Captain

Supplementary Compound and Hoist Fees

Supplementary Fees for Additional Laying Up (commonly known as Overstay), Summer Fitting Out and Sick Boats are agreed each year by the Executive Committee and are laid out in the table below:

Supplementary Costs as set by the Executive Committee 2016 Sailing Season
Supplementary Costs Cost Byelaw Reference
Additional Laying Up Fee £30.00 per week 9.7e
Summer Fitting Out Fee Hoist Fee (£25) – Flat Rate for Recovery and Launch) 9.7f
Week 1-2 (1- 14 Jun) – £0.00 per week
Week 1-2 (1- 14 Jun) – £0.00 per week
Week 3-4 (15 – 28 Jun) – £10.00 per week
Week 5-6 (29 Jun – 12 Jul) – £15.00 per week
Week 7-8 (13 – 26 Jul) – £20.00 per week
Week 9-13 (27 Jul – 31 Aug)- £25 per week
Overstay Fee post Week 13 – £30 per week
Sick Boat Overstay Fee (Agreed by Bosun’s Committee Not to exceed £30.00 per week 9.8f

Steve Jones

Gig activity

Hi all, the Gig is now being used frequently even though it is restricted by my diary. Here are the planned times on the water for the coming week:

Saturday morning 16th March 0930hrs; Wednesday evening 20th March 1800hrs; Thursday 21st. March 1800hrs.

If you fancy a “Blast” just email me, ianducane. Ref. what to wear? Wet or dry suits are not a good idea as they will be to warm. If it is cold then layers are best with a windcheater on top, you can peel them off as you warm up. Footwear is deckboots or similar and your feet will stay dry or dinghy wet boots or similar if you don`t mind them getting wet. Although the Gig is “sea kindly” and very safe a buoyancy aid is always a sensible item to have. No experience is required for rowing this boat. This is definitely rowing for “pleasure” not for “Pain”, lots of fun and better exercise than any Gym.

Ian Ducane

Diary Dates

Social Events Sailing Events
RYA Push the Boat Out May 21st Low Water Cruise April 16th
Langstone Harbour Race WeekendPresentation Evening June 3rd – 5th Self Time Fun Race April 17th
Family Fun Day June 25th Cadets on the Water April 20th
America’s Cup Weekend (event TBC) July 21st – 24th Saturday Series 5 & 6 April 23rd