Tidal Diamond 496 – Boats in Compound, Committee Boat Project

Tidal Diamond No. 496

Awnings and Covers on Boats in compound

I walked around the compound last weekend and noticed that a lot of ‘covers’ have become misplaced in this very windy weather. Please take some time to check yours. A couple of the boats have quite a bit of water in them and at 10lb per gallon! I also noted that many of the tyres are flat. Non-use is a ‘killer’ for tyres!

Please can you inform me of any ‘movements’ of boats. I remind you that you will need to check that your surname is clearly and obviously placed on your boat trolley. Spring is on it’s way!

Linda Vacher
Compound Bosun

Boats in Compound

In addition to the above, and following a check by Richard Barnes this weekend, it seems that there are lots of dinghies at the end of the compound that have fallen off their trailers and onto other boats. Could you please arrange to check any dinghies you are responsible for after the high winds.

Paul Tansom
Tidal Diamond Editor

Bruce – Committee Boat Project

Thank-you to all those who have helped on the committee boat project. The team have made some great progress over the last few months, including rewiring most of the boat, getting the engine running, installing all the new accessories (VHF, Horn, Depth Sounder, Flag Gantry, Pulpit etc.) and working on the woodwork. The team always welcome additional help, so if you would like to get involved in the project please contact Richard Barnes, dinghies. Any time spent working on the project can count towards your duty hours, so if you would like to get them signed off early this year, please get in contact.

The next phase of the project is to fix the rotting woodwork around the rubbing strake. If you are able to offer your woodworking skills or have a suggestion regarding where to source the following items please get in touch:

  • WANTED: Hardwood planking. 100mm x 20mm section & 100mm x 10mm section
  • WANTED: Rubberised D section, approximately 38mm base, 18m in length

Richard Barnes
Dinghy Captain

Diary Dates

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Quizz & Pizza March 18th Icicle 5 March 13th
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