Tidal Diamond 495 – Vacancy, Cruisers, Antifoul, Jose Vogel, Bass Fishing

Tidal Diamond No. 495

Diary Dates

Social Events Sailing Events
Presentation Evening February 6th Icicle 3 February 7th
Cadets monthly social February 24th Icicle 4 February 21st
Quizz & Pizza March 18th Icicle 5 March 13th
RYA Push the Boat Out May 21st Saturday Series 1 & 2 March 26th
Langstone Harbour Race Weekend June 3rd – 5th Spring Series 1 / Easter Egg March 27th
Family Fun Day June 25th Cruiser Launch Safety Briefing March 30th
TSC Regatta September 3rd Cruiser Launch April 2nd / 3rd
Junior Regatta September 4th Compound Reorganisation April 9th
Summer Ball / Party September 10th Saturday Series 3 & 4 April 9th
Cadets End of Season Celebration September 14th Spring Series 2 April 10th
Barts Bash September 18th Cadets Pre Season Meeting April 13th
Quiz October 7th Low Water Cruise April 16th
Halloween Party October 29th Self Time Fun Race April 17th
End of Season Supper and Quiz November 11th Cadets on the Water April 20th
Christmas Lunch December 4th Saturday Series 5 & 6 April 23rd
Darts Match (TSC) December 9th Interclub 1 April 24th
Christmas Party December 10th Cadets on the Water April 27th
Christmas Carols December 16th Gould Trophy (Outward Leg) April 30th
New Years Party December 31st Spring Series 3 / Coffee Pot May 1st

!!! TSC Galley & Bar Will Be Open Every Sunday in February !!!

Vacancy for Assistant Secretary

Following the AGM there was no nomination for the Assistant Secretary role, whose main duties are handling renewals and taking the exec minutes. If you are interested in the role then please contact myself or Paul Megson for more details.

Hannah Barnes

Friendly Fridays – Cruiser pre-season get-togethers

Ahead of the “formal” Friendly Fridays planned for this year, (mainly because many of us cruiser folk will be away for the weekend as soon as we can on a Friday, come the sailing season) I am planning on kicking things off a bit early.

My thoughts are that any of you newer / less experienced cruiser owners (or those who have moved up to larger craft and want to venture further) can come along on a Friday evening to chat with us more experienced folk. Whether it is finding out the best places to visit with given tidal conditions, where you can get to in a given time frame, or just odds and ends of advice, there are plenty of members who have “been there & done that” whose brains you can pick.

Moira & I can be there most Fridays in the run-up to launch weekend and possibly for a couple of weeks after, until the weather picks up a bit, and I am sure other seasoned cruisers will be along too, to share their knowledge & experiences.

If you have any particular questions or things you want to find out about, drop me an e-mail at the “cruisers” address in the week before and we can make sure we are there with charts & pilot books or whatever, as required.

Roger Smith
Cruiser Captain

Summer cruise plans

As you may have read in the last “Ebb & Flow” we plan to visit north Brittany for our big cruise this year. If anyone is interested in coming along, either for the whole 3 weeks or just the last two, I would like to hear from you. If you would like to do such a trip but are nervous, come along to a “Friendly Friday” and we can chat about what it is all about. Maybe if you fancy crewing for such a trip, we can team you up with someone who would like to go, but lacks crew?

Roger Smith
Cruiser Captain


I am not sure how many of you have read the recent PBO tests on antifoul, but it looks like 4 brands come out tops in our region – three are definitely top-end price wise, but the fourth – Teamac “D”, is much more sensibly priced. I am planning on ordering some for Cinabbar and wonder if anyone else would be interested to help keep the costs down – Drop me an e-mail if you are interested.

Roger Smith
Cruiser Captain

Jose Vogel

For those that remember Jose and Colin Vogel, I am sorry to report that Jose passed away on 21st January 2016. Colin has asked for the message to be passed on and to say that the funeral is on 11th February at 2pm at Chichester Crematorium for those who wish to send Jose on her way, and that there is to be a wake afterwards.

Mark Wilshaw

New Bass Fishing Regulations

Please see attached leaflet.

Hannah Barnes

Bass Leaflet 2016 Regulations.pdf