Tidal Diamond 464 – Priory Bay, Summer Cruise, Family Fun Day and more…

Tidal Diamond No. 464

Diary Dates

Family Fun Day July 18th
Sword Sands Fun Day July 26th
Summer Ball / Party September 5th
Junior Regatta September 12th
Bart’s Bash September 20th

Priory Bay Dinghy Cruise – Saturday 11th July

Once again we’ll be looking to take the big hop across the Solent to have lunch on the idyllic beach of Priory Bay on the Isle of Wight. It’s a long run out of the harbour and then five miles across the Solent to include the crossing of the main shipping channel. We will have both RIBs in support for your wellbeing. There will also be several cruisers coming along and they will be able to supply a mother hen/shepherding role. Understandably they cannot offer the same flexibility that a RIB gives us but in the case of a becalming or some such they may be very useful tugs. It would be great if you could register an interest so that I can build up a picture of the participants before the actual event. It’s not mandatory but it would be helpful for me; emails to dinghies

So come on down as they used to say. I aim to give a brief for 10:00 with a slipway departure at 10:30. Further times and on water points are below:

HW Portsmouth: 08:00 4.2m
LW Portsmouth: 13:20 1.5m
HW Portsmouth: 20:30 4.4m
LW Bemb’ Harbour: 14:00 0.3m
LW Bemb’ Approach: 13:30 1.5m
Cruise Leader: Phil B
PBC Helm 1: Paul Burrows
PBC Crew 1: John Allison
PBC Helm 2: Alan Saunders
PBC Crew 2: Richard Jempson
Departure TSC: 10:30
Group Point 1: Marine Cardinal – Salterns
Group Point 2: Langstone Fairway Marker (then a heading off on about 210 degree M to take account of the easterly tidal set – of course all so dependent on wind direction and strength.
Group Point 3: “Cambrian Wreck” South Cardinal: see link Eastern Solent Buoyage (not for navigation etc…). A cruiser or RIB will be stationed north of the channel to keep an eye on dinghies crossing
Group Point 4: Priory Bay beach on a heading of approximately 240 degree M some 45 mins after the navigation channel crossing. A cruiser/RIB will up station to wave the dinghies in as in high summer the anchorage and beach will be crowded. For the RIB drivers to note, don’t get caught in the lagoon that forms and blocks egress to the sea.
Arrival Priory Bay: Between 13:00 & 14:00
Departure Priory Bay: 15:30
Group Point 1: “Warner” Port Hand Marker (about a mile and a half NE of Priory Bay). A cruiser or RIB will be stationed south of the channel to keep an eye on dinghies crossing
Group Point 2: Langstone Fairway Marker
Group Point 3: From Langstone Fairway Marker straight in with no stopping as tidal flow will support a direct return to the club
Arrival TSC: Between 18:30 & 19:30

The Go/No Go decision will be if it’s showing 15kts plus at Chimet and with respect to the forecast weather for the day. Anything past that top end of a force 4 and the likelihood of an increase in wind strength will make the close hauled ride bumpy and wet for all and a serious test of skill for some. If it’s that wind strength on the way back it will make the returning broad reach “challenging…” If I have to make the decision to cancel then the alternative option is a run to Sword Sands (bring your golf, cricket, Frisbees etc) or The Ferry Boat/Tea Shop on the Hayling side for a spot of in harbour lunch.

As ever compasses to be taken for all out of harbour cruises and please take appropriate clothing you will be on the water for a long time. If you have handheld VHF then it would be very useful to bring that as well. As ever the decision to depart is yours and the decision for the cruise to go ahead is mine. To that end I would say that the cruise is not suitable for inexperienced helms and although a “rite of passage” I would suggest that you need to have at least ventured out of the harbour to have experienced the bigger waves and movement that the Solent will give us. Also on that note, if you’re running rigging is grey and you haven’t used the boat this year or you know you really should replace that main halyard… then perhaps that’s not the ideal state to expose yourself (and the supporting RIBs) to equipment failure. Note; a Topper is not a suitable vessel to take across the Solent. Participation is IAW club notice Adult Dinghy Event Safety Policy.

Phil Bryant
Dinghy Captain

Reschedule of Glanville Trophy Race

As we only had one slow handicap entrant for the race on June 21st, the Glanville Trophy could not be awarded on that date. The Sailing Committee will therefore award the Glanville Trophy to the winner of the slow handicap race on Sunday Series Race 4 on July 12th (subject to there being a minimum entry of 2 slow handicap dinghies).

Janice Bell
Sailing Secretary

Commodore’s Summer Cruise

We are going to hold a final pre-cruise meeting on Monday 13th July at 8pm in the club, all those who are interested in coming on the cruise are welcome to attend. I will be bringing my passage plans for you all to check and you will be pleased to know that our planned itinerary looks doable with only the odd early start.

I look forward to seeing you all on 13th.

Best regards,

Richard Gunn

TSC Family Fun Day 18 July 12:00 to 16:00 – The return of the ducks!

One of the highlights of the social calendar, the Family Fun Day is not to be missed!

This years family fun day will follow the highly successful format from the last few years. The emphasis is on relaxed fun on the water and off and a chance to show the club off to friends and family. Guests are welcome & encouraged although unlike the open day earlier in the year this is aimed at members and their friends rather than an event for the general public to show up to.

We will have patrol boats on the water should you wish to take family members afloat near to the clubhouse. We’ll run some light-hearted games in dinghies and kayaks for children and adults and you can bet on those pesky yellow plastic ducks making an appearance at some point. There will be games ashore for those not venturing out. Bring some empty 2L drinks bottles and build a mini-boat for the Children’s mini-boat race.

The bar will be open and we’ll be running a BBQ.

Rob Nicholson
Cadet Captain
Steve Francis
Social Secretary

Family Fun Day BBQ

Wanted !! Volunteers to assist with Family Fun day BBQ please. If you can help please contact socialsec. A few new faces to assist would be most welcome.


Steve Francis
Social Secretary

Sunday Galley

Galley volunteer required for Sunday 12/07/15.

Also please note that the Sunday galley will be closed throughout August.


Steve Francis
Social Secretary

ECA Regatta 11/12 July

Please see attached notice

Janice Bell
Sailing Secretary

Langstone Harbour Regatta and Junior Regatta, 18th / 19th July

Please see attached poster. Please be aware TSC is not providing patrol boat support to this event.

Janice Bell
Sailing Secretary

Chichester Harbour Race Week 17-21st August

A reminder that this event (previously called Fed Week) is open for registrations. http://chichesterharbourraceweek.sailevent.net/

Janice Bell
Sailing Secretary

ORCA: accident leading to a fatality on 8 June 2014

A timely reminder from the RYA of the dangers of getting close to dredgers and other large vessels. Particularly as Kendalls are currently servicing a large, foreign registered dredger. Please read the flyer at https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/428440/Shoreway-Orca_Flyer.pdf, it won’t take long and is well worth the time.

Janice Bell
Sailing Secretary

2015 LNM No.6 (ECA Regatta).pdf
LSC Regatta 2015 poster.pdf