Tidal Diamond 461 – Summer Ball, Galley, Bar

Tidal Diamond No. 461

Diary Dates

Regatta July 4th
Family Fun Day July 18th
Sword Sands Fun Day July 26th
Summer Ball / Party September 5th
Junior Regatta September 12th
Bart’s Bash September 20th

TSC Summer Ball Saturday September 5th : Tickets now on sale !!

£25 per person (TSC members have priority until July 1st then open to TSC guests)

We have “Groove Monster” doing the musical honours and “Catch a Fire” providing a great buffet selection. Please contact socialsec to buy your tickets (70 available)

It’s sure to be another great fun night !!

Steve Francis
Social Secretary

Galley closed 21st June

Please note that the galley will be closed this Sunday 21st June.

Steve Francis
Social Secretary

Bar Prices

Having completed a comprehensive review of the costs of all items within the club bar, I am in the unfortunate position where I have no choice but to increase the price of some items.

Due to increases in the cost price of many items we stock since the last price rise back in 2011 we are in the position now where we are currently selling some items below cost price – clearly an unsustainable position. In order to minimize the extent of the price increases I have negotiated better discounts with the brewery for some lines and have substituted others with alternative products.

The new pricing will be introduced this weekend and price lists will be displayed around the bar. I believe that the new prices are still very competitive and hope that you continue to support the club bar – the more we sell, the better pricing we can achieve!

Jason Chipper
Bar Manager

Available Bar Duties

We have a few gaps in the bar duty calendar over the next few months that still need volunteers! If you are available to cover one or more of these duties please let me know by emailing me and I will assign you via Duty Man. The dates are:

12 Jun 2015 Friday Evening from 2015
26 Jun 2015 Friday Evening from 2015
04 Jul 2015 Regatta from 2015
09 Aug 2015 Sunday Bar from 1145
21 Aug 2015 Friday Evening from 2015
23 Aug 2015 Sunday Bar from 1145
26 Aug 2015 Wednesday Evening from 1845
13 Sep 2015 Sunday Bar from 1145
20 Sep 2015 Sunday Bar from 1145
23 Sep 2015 Wednesday Evening from 1845
27 Sep 2015 Sunday Bar from 1145
31 Oct 2015 Halloween Party Bar

If you are not yet bar trained please email me with the duties you wish to perform and I will arrange the necessary training for you.


Jason Chipper
Bar Manager