Tidal Diamond 450 – Compound, Dinghies, Cruisers, Race Weekend, Open Day

Tidal Diamond No. 450

Diary Dates

Langstone Harbour Race Weekend May 2nd, 3rd & 4th
Wanderer National Championship May 2nd, 3rd & 4th
RYA Push the Boat Out May 17th
Regatta July 4th / 5th
Family Fun Day July 18th
Sword Sands Fun Day July 26th

Compound Re-organisation Saturday 25th April

You will have heard I am sure, that Tudor is going to have an open day on the 17th May as part of the RYA ‘Push the boat out’. With this in mind we really want our club to look her best! As well as sorting the boats on Saturday 25th we want to clear away the rubbish that seems to constantly be around.

To all cruiser owners: Please remove anything from the area where your cruiser has stood over the winter. Please remove any blocks that are now stacked just inside the North gate of the main compound.

To all dinghy owners: Please ensure that your trolley / boat is easily moved – some are not in good order. A few members that sail very regularly have asked to be moved closer to the gate. This will obviously mean that other boats might well have to move a little north! You are responsible for ensuring the brambles, weeds etc are tidied / kept under control around your dinghy, please ensure this is done some time this week or on Saturday morning. I’m afraid the brambles down the north end are reaching ‘triffid’ lengths, so gardening gloves and secateurs will be needed. The winter has taken its toll on several of the name labels on the boat trolley’s. This wastes so much time when we are looking for boats – please check that your trolley is clearly named.

I will be down the club on Friday afternoon to check plaques etc. I have a couple of volunteers to start to sort the boats, if you can’t make Saturday and would like to help on Friday you would be most welcome. Please remember that road trailers are not allowed to be tied to the fence.

Think that’s it, regards,

Linda Vacher
Compound Bosun

Pre Season Dinghy Section Meeting – Saturday 25th April 10:30 (on completion of compound clearance)

I feel I’ve written enough recently so I’ll just say that after we’ve completed the compound clearance this coming Saturday we’ll be holding the traditional pre season Dinghy section meeting. Discussion points are as follows:

  • Sailing Calendar
  • Dinghy Cruises
  • Family Friendly Events
  • What can we do for the membership?
  • What we are doing for the membership – RIB purchase etc. kit upgrades

Phil Bryant
Dinghy Captain

Low Water Cruise Sunday 26th April – the first of the Dinghy Cruises

For those of you new to the club’s dinghy sailing programme we have a series of cruises planned across the forthcoming season, ranging from the short run down the harbour to the full blown across the Solent and a breadth of explorations in between. All with patrol boat cover and appropriate lunch stops etc.

You’ll see from the TSC Home Page & Events Calendar this is graded a Family Friendly event and will likely be a sail of under five miles just to shake the cobwebs from everyone’s sailing skills. It’s also less eventful should anyone have that first equipment failure of the season if it is your boats absolute first time on the water this year. I needn’t tell everyone to check their kit if it is the first time. Patrol Boat cover is supplied, but a gentle ribbing will be given to anyone who does suffer some form of failure [Phil goes back
to double check the traveller eyes he refitted to his Laser last
Saturday…]. Finally you may wish to read the Tudor Sailing Club Adult Dinghy Event Safety Policy as this will be the first event run under these guidelines.

The sailing part:

  • 10:30: Briefing and sign on at the top of the slipway for all entrants and patrol boat crew. By now you should be ready rigged and on the slipway. It will be a two mile down the harbour sail with a lunch stop (bring your own sandwiches etc they can be carried in the RIB if you are in a dinghy with limited stowage) and then a two mile sail back.
  • 11:00: Start Time we aim to have all boats in the water by now and physically depart the slipway at this time
  • 12:00: Likely arrival time
  • Low Water: 12:00 Height 1.7m
  • The intent is a gentle sail down the harbour to then regroup at the mouth of Russells Lake (this will enable those of you new to the area to look at the chart of the harbour). Then, stragglers permitting, it’s down the harbour, past the Mulberry Harbour on your left and onto the beach in front of the Ferry Boat Pub. At this state of tide it will be a sandy beach and we will be able to beach all vessels there. The RIB can anchor in the tidal flow and dinghies can be pulled ashore, with little or no risk of damage to the hull. I would say if you can please take an anchor and line to give you additional security. It can be an amusing little first test of dinghy seamanship for the year… We can lunch al fresco on the beach and there are options for eating and drinking further ashore. There is a small café that serves chips etc. (healthy options are also available) and the pub allows us in to be served provided we don’t drip too heavily – or picnic at their tables).
  • 13:30: Depart: for a relatively rapid sail back up the harbour, with wind and tide no doubt, and back to the club
  • 15:30: All back safely, packed away and home in time for tea…

If that sounds good then please feel free to come along. It’s an event for all dinghies and a great opportunity to have a first tentative sail of the season in safe company with an excellent close up view past the seals at Mallard buoy so the children have something to look forward to as well. If you have any further questions please email me.

I look forward to seeing you there on the day.

Phil Bryant
Dinghy Captain

Langstone Harbour Race Weekend – Friday 1st May – Monday 4th May

With a just over a week to go there have already been over 30 entries in advance in for LHRW 2015 these come from 17 different sailing clubs, at the time of writing there are only a THREE Tudor boats signed up. Where are you all? This is a great event to race against sailors from other clubs and learn lots. If you are planning to attend then please enter online as soon as possible to speed up registration on Friday night.


Hannah Barnes
Rear Commodore

Cruiser Update – Gould Trophy race to Lymington and back

It is that time of year again – the first cruiser race of the year, over the May bank holiday weekend (2nd to 4th May). I will be booking the Kings Head, just up from the town quay, as it has proved really good so far. If you don’t want to actually race, just come along and meet us there (nothing to stop you arriving by car if it is wet & horrible!) – there is always some good live music to be had in Lymington on a Saturday night for dancing your dinner off to and I am sure there will be a nice walk for Sunday morning if Linda has anything to do with it. The signing-on sheet should be on the cruiser notice board shortly (care of Andy Healey) for those who wish to race.

On the weekend of the 16th/17th May, the calendar shows a long(er) Solent cruise as the tides are good for that – Anyone got any preferences? – How about Newtown Creek / Shalfleet river or maybe the Beaulieu river? Let me know your thoughts.

Happy Sailing

Roger Smith
Cruiser Captain

Tudor Sailing Club Open Day, Sunday 17th May – Help Needed

TSC are holding an open day on Sunday 17th May (aka Push the Boat Out / PTBO). There is a poster attached and I will have printed ones available shortly, please spread the word around the local area. Prospective members that sign up on the day will not have to pay the usual joining fee. We need lots of volunteers to assist in various roles, examples are below:

  • Conducting tours of the club
  • Car park marshalling
  • Taking people out on the water in dinghies / cruisers
  • Boats that we can borrow for the day to take prospective members out in (we will put in an experienced sailor) – good boats would be Visions, wanderers, wayfarers etc
  • People to rig boats such as Oppies

If you can spare some time to help make the open day a success (and increase our membership) then please get in touch.

Hannah Barnes
Rear Commodore

Tudor Sailing Sub Aqua Club

Now I now we’re an all encompassing watersports club, but I wasn’t aware we had scuba diving section. For those that know me there is a tinge of irony in this statement… Linda and I have been clearing up in readiness for the new sailing season and the RYA Push The Boat Out day in May. Imagine my surprise when I came across the following items in two bin liners stowed outside the gents changing rooms (see picture below).

  • Two full sets of divers wetsuits (long john and bolero top style) sizes unknown.
  • Four pairs of divers fins/flippers, sizes: 6-11, 9-13, 7-8 & L-XL.
  • One pair of divers boots size unknown.

All items look in remarkably good condition and it seems very unusual that this equipment would have been mislaid or forgotten. However they must go and can I ask that the owner collects and removes the items by the time of the PTBO event or they will be charitably disposed of.

Phil Bryant
Dinghy Captain

Tow required!

Is anyone attending the compound reorganisation this Saturday who has a tow bar and will be returning to Southsea afterwards? I need to take my road trailer home and we no longer have a car with tow bar! If you can help, please contact me on will or 07739083781.

Many thanks
Will Stokely