Tidal Diamond 441 – Quiz Night, Relaunch, Rope

Tidal Diamond No. 441

Diary Dates

Quiz + Fish & Chips March 13th
Launch Weekend April 11th / 12th
Langstone Harbour Race Weekend May 2nd, 3rd & 4th
Wanderer National Championship May 2nd, 3rd & 4th
RYA Push the Boat Out May 17th
Family Fun Day June 20th

Quiz night Friday 13 March

Please can you let me know if you would like fish and chips for this Fridays quiz night ASAP please.

By email socialsec


Steve Francis
Social Secretary

Cruiser Relaunch Weekend 11-12th April

The relaunch is fast approaching, hopefully we will get some decent weather from now on.

Please note that after launch weekend the bye-laws state that you have up to a month to exit the compound before an over stay fee is charged.

This year the hoist and tractor will be taken out of action for some much needed maintenance, this will start shortly after the 30 day period, if you are left in the compound when this starts you will have to wait till the hoist is operational again, there is no defined time period for the maintenance and there is no grace whilst it takes place, you will be charged the over stay fee.

You have been warned!

With the warning out the way I do hope all is going to plan for you all, we as usual will have a briefing before Launch, this will be on Wednesday 8th at 2000, please attend, it is important, safety is paramount during the operations.

If you are not intending to launch on the weekend you must still be available to move your boat or nominate a person to do this for you. Please inform myself or a member of the Bosuns if you do not intend to launch on the weekend, we need to know so we can plan space, no surprises on the day please.

We will be issuing another TD closer to the time with further details of the launch itself.

Please spread the word regards the Hoist maintenance.

Ian Smith

Cruiser Relaunch Parking

It will be fairly obvious that the use of Kendall’s car park is no longer possible. I will advise alternative arrangements as soon as they are finalised.

Bearing in mind that there is likely to be more traffic movement past the compound entrance, the barrier controls are even more important. In the past a gallant band of stalwarts have taken on the task, but it would help if more members make themselves available for a short period. To that end I will put a notice on the board next to the bar for you to add your name, alternatively please email me on bobsobey or send a message on 07866 493108. I will produce a rota on the briefing evening based on the information that I have.

Many thanks

Bob Sobey

New rope for old

Well that got your attention didn’t it… Actually the new rope has been purchased in support of the RIB, Dory and Pioner for the coming season’s sailing from cruiser lift in and beyond covering all members from cadets, through dinghy sailors to cruiser owners.

This has left the club with a limited amount of frayed and worn excess rope. Unsuitable for on water usage but maybe handy for tying down tarpaulins and the like. The 30m length is oil stained, but if you’re in need for a rapid lashing it will suffice. Don’t worry the good stuff has been retained for the bosun’s use.

The lines are in an orange bucket outside the garage and will remain there for a week before final disposal, help yourself.

Phil Bryant
Dinghy Captain