Tidal Diamond 434 – Renewals, Crew Match

Tidal Diamond No. 434

Diary Dates

Prize Giving & Supper February 7th
Quiz + Fish & Chips March 13th
Launch Weekend April 11th / 12th
LHRW May 2nd, 3rd & 4th
RYA Push the Boat Out May 17th
Family Fun Day June 20th


All being well Renewals will be going out to members in the post on Monday February 9th.

It would be appreciated if members could still renew by the end of February.

If there are any issues with this they will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Many thanks for your assistance,

Jan Sobey
Hon Secretary

Tudor Crew Match System

Now that the online sailing calendar has been loaded onto the website, it would be a great time to look through the sailing calendar and decide which events you want to participate in. If there is an event that you would like to participate in but you need either a crew or a boat we have a solution! Why not use the Tudor Crewmatch system? Crewmatch is available for every event including cruises, races, dinghy and yacht (cruiser). The system allows you to record that you have a boat but need a crew or that you are a willing crew member for a helm with a boat. Its a great way to get some experience on a boat you don’t usually sail or to make new friends at the club.

Here is how to do it. Simply find the event in the online calendar on the website. Then click the “crew match” icon on the calendar. Fill in your name, email address and the details of the boat/experience etc. Click submit and then confirm via the email you receive. Once you have done this a little red person (crew offered) or a little red boat (crew needed) will appear next to the event on the website. If you SEE one of these on the website why not take a look to see who is looking for crew or volunteering as crew and consider pairing up with them.

Got it? Yay! Why not make 2015 the season where you try a different class, boat or crew/helm combination. Make (more) friends and have (more) fun!

Any questions or issues, please contact Rob Nicholson (cadetcaptain) or Richard Barnes (webmaster)

Rob Nicholson
Cadet Captain