Tidal Diamond 428 – Postal Votes, Christmas Lunch

Tidal Diamond No. 428

Diary Dates

Christmas Party 13th December ’14 at 7:30pm
Christmas Carols 19th December ’14 at 7:30pm
Christmas Lunch 21st December ’14 at 1:00pm
New Year’s Eve Party 31st December ’14 at 7:30pm
Prize Giving Supper 7th February ’15 at tba
Evening Speaker – Moira Barber, Solent Swim 16th January ’15 at 8:00pm
Launch Weekend 11th / 12th April ’15

Postal Votes

Would all Club Members who are unable to attend the Annual General Meeting on Sunday 11th January and would like to be issued with a Postal Vote, please send your request for a postal vote, in writing, to the Hon Secretary by December 15th 2014.

Many thanks

Mo Clark
Hon Secretary