Tidal Diamond 420 – Bart’s Bash, Survey, Lost & Found

Tidal Diamond No. 420

Bart’s Bash

Final results show an amazing 30,717 participants took to the water for the first “Bart’s Bash” on 21 September 2014. The sailing race was a fund raising event in memory of Andrew Simpson, the Olympic sailor who died in a training accident in May 2013.

Since race day the Bart’s Bash results team has been busy compiling and processing thousands of results and can now confirm that an incredible 16,870 boats collectively sailed a staggering 87,072,769 metres, roughly the equivalent of sailing twice around the world.

Tudor Sailing Club is very proud to have been part of this. Our official results can be seen at www.bartsbash.co.uk/results/club/6922.

36 Tudor boats entered the race, with cadets Matthew Nicholson and Luke Skinner coming an amazing 14th and 22nd in the Rookie category, respectively. Tudor sailors raised £197 online, with a further £56.51 collected via the collection tin at the club.

Janice Bell
Sailing Secretary

Dinghy Survey

Dinghy sailors – please give us your views on what you would like to see in the 2015 calendar

Please follow the link to complete our short survey and tell us how we can make the 2015 season better for you, including training, support and the types of events you would like to see.


Janice Bell
Sailing Secretary


One carbon fibre Laser tiller and matching carbon fibre extension.

Found in the gents changing rooms two weeks ago: The item was not claimed after the first Frostbite race this month and it still remained untouched over the cruiser lift-out weekend. I’ve now moved it to the shelf behind the bar and put an identifying note in it just in case the bar or galley volunteers wonder what it’s there for. Can I recommend that the owner pops down on a Weds or Fri evening this week as if they are intent on doing Frostbite 2 (Sunday 26 October 12:00) then the bar only opens as the start gun goes for the race; leaving the owner at a distinct disadvantage…

Amusement aside I can only surmise that it’s likely to be from one of the Bart’s Bash attendees (Sunday 21 September) who may not be a regular club racer. It’s now safe and I would recommend early collection.

Phil Bryant
TSC Dinghy Captain


1 x navy and red Remploy lifejacket. Inadvertently left in small compound on the evening of Sunday 26th October. Had gone by 9am on Monday 27th – hopefully a Tudor member picked it up and has it? If so, please contact me at paul.darlow or call me on 07764 292025.

Paul Darlow

Tidal Diamond 420 – Bart’s Bash, Survey, Recovery Weekend, Lost & Found