Tidal Diamond 417 – Cruiser Captain, Survey, Social Committee

Tidal Diamond No. 417

Diary Dates

Lift Out Weekend 18th & 19th October ’14
Halloween Party 1st November ’14 at 7:30pm
Laying Up Supper and Quiz 14th November ’14 at 7:30pm
Decorate the Club for Christmas !! 5th December ’14 at 8:00pm
Christmas Party 13th December ’14 at 7:30pm
Christmas Carols 19th December ’14 at 7:30pm
New Year’s Eve Party 31st December ’14 at 7:30pm
Prize Giving Supper 7th February ’15 at tba

Cruiser Captain election

It’s that time of year again – After the lift-out safety brief on the 15th October, we need to elect next year’s Cruiser Captain. I am prepared to stand again, unless anyone else would like to give it a try. I would also like to hear if anyone has any suggestions for trips / cruises for next year, as calendar planning time is fast approaching. As you probably know, the main summer (Commodore’s) cruise is currently planned to take us to the Bay of Seine – what about the bank holidays? (end of May and August). How about an extra “Passage Race” out of the Solent (Poole maybe)? Following on from the Dinghy section end of season meeting, it is hoped to re-instate the Priory Bay cruise for dinghies and cruisers next year, with the possibility of cruisers taking extra family members / less confident dinghy crew / BBQ gear etc and chaperoning the dinghies to a degree during the crossing – They always used to be great fun!

If the highly successful “Bart’s Bash” event is going to be repeated next year (as is planned), it would be nice to have some sort of short race for the cruisers to join in too, if anyone has any ideas.

Roger Smith
Cruiser Captain

Cruiser Event Survey

See attachment.

Social Committee Notices


Any unwanted toasted sandwich or panini makers for the galley. Please contact Sarah Bryant via the Social Committee.

Budding Bakers

All those inspired by ‘The Bake Off’ cakes needed for Lift Out weekend, 18th & 19th Oct, please bring down to the club.

Laying Up Supper and Quiz – 14th Nov

American supper so bring along your culinary delights for all to share. Any questions contact Sarah or Moira, social_committee

Winter Speakers

Has anyone any subjects or know of anyone who would like to speak at the club on a Wed during the winter months. Then please contact the social committee social_committee

Frostbite Series

Fancy something hot after the race? The galley will be open after the race just let us know before you start to enable us to meet your requirements.

Thank you
Sarah Bryant

Cruiser event survey for 2015.docx