Tidal Diamond 395 – Dinghy Cruise, Cruiser Update, Regatta

Tidal Diamond No. 395

Saturday 21st June Midsummer’s Day – The Low Water Dinghy Cruise.

Now I’d like to say that I planned the Low Water Cruise for a gorgeous midsummer jaunt through the harbour. But to burst the bubble it was some time back in last September when I was scratching around tide tables trying to look for a positive tide. Then as the tidal opportunities appeared to gang up on me I find myself planning two cruises in consecutive weeks.

So this Saturday – the weather looks much warmer than last weekend. That will come as welcome confirmation to the helms and crews from last week. Confronted by a stiff three mile beat into a brisk (and chilly) north easterly. Why is it always a beat to Langstone Sailing Club? The intent; a low water gentle sojourn down the harbour, no stress no trauma, just a very gentle two mile run to the cafe near the pub on the left hand side of the Langstone run. Chips and Ice Cream for the children, slightly more alcoholic option (IAW RYA guidelines of drinking and sailing of course) a few hundred yards away for the parents. Then suitably fed and rested a run back via the sands for what could be the opening boule/football/Frisbee throwing challenge of the year. Don’t forget an anchor and warp if you have one. If not it will be a pull the boat up the beach, it’s a very sandy beach so the boats can be bought ashore with care. Sandwiches if you don’t fancy chips???

Times as per the TSC Calendar

  • 1030 – Briefing in the small compound. Some safety points for radio usage, the patrol boat positioning and the approach to the “Hayling Billy Gap”.
  • 1100 – All depart the slipway so we have some semblance of sailing as a group – can’t delay as we are constrained by Low Water at 1220.
  • 1220 – Low Water with a 1.7m Neap Tide
  • 1200 – 1500 – Sun, Sand and Sea in the harbour (maybe chips too!).
  • 1500-1600 – Arrive at Tudor.

On a final note the Round Hayling Cruise is planned for Sunday 6th July and I am unable to be part of the event and would look for another member to take over as lead. If not then the Sailing Committee may well have to cancel if no one steps forward. Please contact me if you are looking to volunteer but need some guidance.

Phil Bryant
Dinghy Captain

Cruiser Update June / July 2014

Long weekend in France

Subject to fair weather, Cinabbar is heading off fairly early morning on Thursday 26th for St. Vaast with the aim of arriving with the lock open in the evening around 20:00 (BST). We are planning our crossing time for around 13 hours, but this will obviously be weather / wind dependant. Joining us will be “May” from the Fareham club (their first trip).

If anyone wants to tag along, they are more than welcome – it is a great trip for a first Channel crossing, about the same distance as Cherbourg but with a much less intimidating and much more attractive destination. If you are already across there, it would be good to meet up and if you fancy a longer stay, the same applies.

Depending on weather etc we may move round to Barfleur on the Saturday morning, (which is about an hour and a bit up the coast) and hence closer to home for a return on Sunday.

Hopefully the weather will be nice and settled, with plenty of daylight hours to make the crossing safe and pleasant. Let myself or Moira know if you are interested and we can get together to go through our plans and offer tips / advice to any first timers.

Main Summer Cruise

In July Cinabbar will be heading west for our main holiday with the aim of arriving in Dartmouth in the evening of Saturday 5th and spending 2 or 3 days up the river exploring. We will then slowly make our way home via some many interesting places along that stretch of coast, arriving back in the Solent on the 20th July. As always, anyone who wishes to join us is more than welcome, even if only passing through. I have a rough idea of some of the places we want to visit if anyone is interested.

Roger Smith,
Cruiser Captain


Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th June. See attached flyer.