Tidal Diamond 393 – Cruiser events, Family Fun Day, Reorganisation, Notice

Tidal Diamond No. 393

Calling all Cruiser sailors

June is the busiest month in the Sailing calendar for Cruiser racing, hopefully there is an event that will appeal to all Cruiser owners.

Forth coming events:

Friday 06 June 2014 – Gales Series 3
Sunday 08 June 2014 – RNLI Nab Tower Trophy
Friday 20 June 2014 – Gales Series 4
Saturday 28 June 2014 – TSC Regatta
Sunday 29 June 2014 – TSC Regatta

Please find attached a copy of the Sailing Instructions for this Sunday’s Nab Tower race, copies will also be available on the Cruiser notice board, a copy can also be found on the Club’s website. A signing on sheet will be displayed on the notice board from this Friday.

Family Fun Day – Saturday 14th June, 11am

Come and join in with the Family Fun day and invite your friends and family or even your next door neighbours. The aim of this event (as well as having fun) is to promote the club and to entice potential new members.

The day will include a number of water and land based activities for all ages and abilities.

Come with gear prepared to get wet! Non member… friends are welcome.

We have buoyancy aids for children (but they will need their own suitable water side clothing). Patrol boats will be on the water. Opportunity for friends to have a go at sailing (close to the club house). Bring kayaks if you have them for kayak races. Bring inflatables for a mess about.

We have events planned even if the weather is not suitable for going on the water so please make the date in your diary now.

There will BBQ food available for purchase but feel free to being a picnic if you want.

If you need any more info regarding plans for the day or if you can give some time on the day to help out please contact.

Steve Francis – socialsec
Rob Nicholson – cadetcaptain

Garage Reorganisation

You are no doubt aware that a new RIB is being purchased by the Club. It is slightly longer than the current RIB and as a result extra space is needed in the garage. A new staircase is going to be fixed giving access to the mezzanine floor so that it can be used more effectively for storage.

The following jobs need to be undertaken and will qualify for Club Maintenance hours.

  • Move gardening tools to the old calor gas cabinet and make simple racks for storage of the items in the cupboard.
  • Gain access to the mezzanine floor and stack items so that the space is used efficiently. Make a note of the items for future reference.
  • Fix the extending ladders horizontally to the long ( window) wall by repositioning existing heavy duty brackets
  • Empty and move existing storage cabinets ( temporarily) to create space for erecting new staircase.
  • Assisting with the erection of the new wooden stairs and associated scaffold type handrails.

If you are able to help, please phone Bob Sobey on 07866 493108 for further information.

Bob Sobey

Notice to Race Officers, Cadet Leaders, Patrol Boat Drivers and Crew

Tudor race officers, cadet leaders, patrol boat drivers and crew should be aware of the following:

There is an ongoing problem with the RIB engine’s lifting mechanism which may mean the engine cannot be raised into the tilt position. Until this problem is resolved, the following guidance should be followed:

  1. Please use the Dory as the first choice patrol boat. Note the Dory now resides on a temporary trolley which does not have guidance rails, so care should be taken during launch and recovery. Please also be aware the front tyre on the launch trolley may need to be pumped up before use.
  2. Where a second boat is needed to support a race or activity, drivers / crew may launch and use the RIB. Drivers / crew need to be aware it may not be possible to return the engine to the lifted position, and this may impact upon the methods that can be used to support the race or activity, for example when approaching a lee shore. Upon return to the club, drivers / crew should attempt to raise the engine to the tilt position, and if successful, leave it in the garage in the tilted position. If the engine cannot be raised, contact Ian Smith or Dave Goldfinch of the Bosun’s committee for help, and either bring the RIB as close to the top of the slip as possible (if tide allows), or place it on a visitors mooring. If you have any doubt about this guidance, or on what to do if the engine lift fails on the water, please contact Ian Smith or Dave Goldfinch of the Bosun’s committee.
  3. The Pioner is available as an alternative second boat, at the driver / crew’s discretion.
  4. The Race Officer / Cadet Leader should ensure the planned activity is consistent with the available patrol boat cover.
  5. If you experience any problems with any of the boats, please notify Ian Smith or Dave Goldfinch directly, copying the sailing committee.

Janice Bell
Sailing Secretary

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