Tidal Diamond 386 – Gould Trophy, Compound

Tidal Diamond No. 386

Gould Trophy

Tomorrow is the first race of the Cruiser Calendar with the two legged race to Lymington and return. Please find attached a copy of the updated sailing instructions, copies will be displayed on the notice board with a signing on sheet from midday on Friday 02/05.


A big thanks to all who turned up to straighten out the compound again this year.

Despite 3 appeals for members to ensure their boat / trolley was in good order there were in fact 6 boats with flat tyres! There are also a few boats that do not have this years plaques on yet. I am delighted to say that we have more cadets now – it is wonderful to see them all on the water on a Wednesday evening – worth a trip down to the club! We have moved the ‘older’ stronger cadet boats into the main compound leaving 19 boats – mainly Toppers – in the Inner Compound. This in turn has meant we have had to move other boats in the Main Compound.

Sadly I have had to ‘give up’ on hoping that all members name their boats and you will see I have made name labels for those that are not named as not being able to quickly identify boats makes for a difficult re-org.

I remind all members that you MUST NOT bring boats into the club before requesting a place!

Please contact me regarding any issues with either compound.

Happy sailing through this 2014 season.

Linda Vacher
Compound Bosun

SailInsts Gould. 2014.pdf