Tidal Diamond 385 – Cruisers, Race Weekend, Missing equipment

Tidal Diamond No. 385


It is the Gould Trophy race this coming weekend (3rd to 5th May) – I had originally thought of booking the “Dan Bran” pontoon near the entrance due to our late arrival, but they wanted £100 deposit which would be alright if we could guarantee a reasonable number of boats, but we could easily lose it if the weather was bad (too common already this year!). As it is we will have to take pot luck with the trot moorings etc. but I have booked the Kings Head just up from Town Quay for food at 7:30 to 8:00 – At the moment, I have said 10 – 15 people, but I would like to know more accurately before the night. Please let me know numbers if you plan on coming along, whether or not you are racing.

Roger Smith
Cruiser Captain

Race Weekend

We are expecting around 20 visitor’s boats from

Friday 2nd – Monday 5th May.

Given that there are still so many cruisers in the compound I ask that cars are not parked in the compound this weekend. There will be a lot of people around Tudor for the whole weekend.

Many thanks,

Linda Vacher
Compound Bosun

Langstone Harbour Race Weekend – Friday 2nd May – Monday 5th May 2014 – where are all the Tudor dinghies?

With just only a few days to go there have already been over 40 entries in advance in for LHRW 2014 these come from 13 different sailing clubs, at the time of writing there are only a handful of Tudor boats signed up. Where are you all? If you are planning to attend then please enter online as soon as possible, online entry will close on Friday, 1pm. The weather forecast is looking promising so this weekend is a great opportunity to get out on the water and race against different people.


There will be a curry available on the Friday evening (included in the entry fee) and the race briefing will be held at approximately 20:30.


We look forward to welcoming you for the 6th Langstone Harbour Race Weekend and hope for good sailing conditions!

If you have any queries regarding the event, please email the event co-ordinator:

Hannah Barnes
Langstone Harbour Race Weekend Event Co-ordinator
Email: lhrw

Large Compound Missing Equipment

After the recent compound clearance I thought I’d best see where my dinghy and windsurfer had been re-allocated to. I had been behind the fence line with a trusty scythe and that had kept me well away from the physical moves. The Laser is now safely tucked up in the large compound, but unfortunately the windsurfer, although not moved, is now missing the top section of the two piece mast. It was there last week when I put the compound stickers on and I was hoping that it may have just been misplaced in the clearance. I’ve had a look round, I wouldn’t dream of lifting dinghy covers etc, but to no avail. It’s about a 10’ long 2” diameter black innocuous looking fibreglass pole. Can I ask if anyone did see an item that looked like it didn’t have a home (or If you see it in the next week or so) please let me know or drop it back to the windsurfer – which for the moment is now only a Stand-Up Paddle Board.

A slightly disconsolate Phil Bryant (07747-444220)