Tidal Diamond 372 – Renewals, Flood Defences, Ebb & Flow, Slip

Tidal Diamond No. 372


If you haven’t completed your renewals yet then you need to either get it in the post to me (Jan) by Wednesday (don’t forget your SAE), or appear on Friday at the club where you can have a drink, meet up with people you may not have seen for a while and complete your renewals in person. Mo and I will be there from 8pm until 10pm.

Look forward to seeing you there.


Mo Clark (Hon Secretary)
Jan Sobey (Assistant Secretary)

Flood Defences – North Portsea Island Consultation

You may be aware that there are proposals to improve the sea defences around Portsea Island; work on the first phase of these should begin this year. There are currently public consultations in progress to help to determine exactly what form the improved defences will take but it seems likely that we will end up with a higher seawall between the club and the sea.

The remaining consultations are on Wednesday 26th February at the Innlodge Hotel, Burrfields Road and on Thursday 27th February at the Mountbatten Centre; both are drop-in from 12 noon to 8pm. I went to the one at POC today and consider it well worth a visit.

My apologies for the short notice about these consultations but I did not know myself until last weekend.

If you cannot get to one of the sessions, there are details and an online survey at


Richard Gunn

Deadline for the next issue of Ebb & Flow – Monday, 3rd March 2014

Get into print!

As usual, we need your input to make Ebb and Flow interesting so please let us know all about your sailing adventures and activities over the past year and your plans for the next. If you are writing an article (and please do), a few photos if you have them help to make it even more interesting (and make it easier to adjust it to fit in the space available).

We can all learn from the nautical experiences of others so let’s hear about your sailing successes and failures – don’t be embarrassed, pseudonyms can be used if you prefer! So cruising tips – or trips, race training ideas, your favourite type of dinghy or cruiser, cooking in confined quarters – all contributions gratefully received.

What made you want to get afloat in the first place. Sailing trivia, most useful piece of kit, book reviews, your favourite nautical film or poem?

Sailing stories or cartoons? Don’t be shy, start to write!

If you have an idea, please get in touch Richard Curtis and send your contributions to him at ebbnflow

Richard Curtis
Ebb & Flow Editor

Slipway Mud

We have cleared the slip this week using the tractor mud scraper, due to the neap tides this might mean that there is still a small bank across the very bottom of the slip please beware. Once we come into the bigger spring tides we will fully clear it.

Ian Smith