Tidal Diamond 364 – Security, Maintenance, Icicle Series

Tidal Diamond No. 364

Club Security

We have had reports from a member of the gate in front of the clubhouse door being found unlocked early in the morning a couple of weeks ago and also the slipway gate being unlocked early in the morning last week.

May I remind ALL members that security is YOUR responsibility, YOU have to lock the gates after you, if in doubt lock it; there is no magic security man to lock up after you and it may be your boat that gets stolen next.

Richard Gunn

Maintenance Duty Logs

Would those members who have completed General Maintenance Duties, mainly organised by the Maintenance Officer, please let me have a signed Duty Log by Saturday January 4th.

This is needed for the database to be updated prior to raising renewal invoices so the sooner I get it the better.

Either place in my mail box at the clubhouse, scan and email (maureenclark.tsc), or post to my home address 21 Maple Crescent, Clanfield, PO8 0LP

Members who are on committee rotas (sailing, bar or galley) need not send a duty log to me as the relevant committee lead provide me with a list of duties completed.

Many thanks

Mo Clark
Honorary Secretary.

Icicle Series back on track!

GOOD NEWS FOR WINTER DINGHY SAILORS. The dearth of volunteers needed to run the Icicle Series has been turned around. We now have a full complement of Race Officers & PBC to stage not just 5 but all 6 races. Huge thanks to all those of you who have sacrificed other things to fill these vacant duty slots.

Alan Saunders
Sailing Committee