Tidal Diamond 346 – Compound Re-org, Dinghy for Charity, Evening Speakers

Tidal Diamond No. 346

Compound Re-org

Many thanks for the offers of help I have already received from members for the re-org of the compound on the 19th October. Last year we spent a lot of time trying to identify boats without any identification on – simply wasting our time and really not funny.

PLEASE check that your boat and trolley is marked clearly, obviously and in an accessible place with your surname.

Do not assume that the label you put on last year is still on there and readable as I have seen that a lot are not! It goes without saying that all boats in the compound MUST have a current plaque on and these are being checked off my list now.

There are a couple of boats that need attention, either the cover of off, tangled / trailing or the trolley is in bad condition / the tyre is flat.
We may well need to move your boat on the 19th October – it states in the bye-laws that all boats / trolleys must be in good condition. Boats must not be locked up in any way to render them immovable. Your compound space needs to be kept clear of weeds. If you intend to sail your boat through the winter then I will need to know a.s.a.p.
If you have only paid for a ‘Summer’ space then your boat will need to be removed from the compound shortly. Please let me know when you have done this so I can easily mark this on my list. Thank you.
If you plan to get to the Compound re-organisation please bring gloves and anything else you think might be of use the day e.g. gardening equipment.
If there are any dinghy sailors that would like to help on the recovery weekend then please let me know – on the whole the dinghy sailors tend to be younger and we do need some fit young men in wet or dry suits. Thankfully the water is still quite warm at the moment.
Thanks to the members who have kept me informed re compound matters in does help.
See you all for the talk on Hypothermia on Wednesday 16th.

Linda Vacher

Dinghy for Charity

Billy’s Lake Project, a local conservation group, is looking for a small rowing boat / old tender to allow them to carry out work on a small lake in the Waterlooville area. If anyone has one that they would be prepared to donate then I would be interested to here from them. It is a local community based project which has the aim of improving an area of unmanaged land for the benefit of the local community and wildlife. It is run by volunteers with grant funding support from Winchester / Havant and Hampshire County Council. A small boat would enable volunteers to get to difficult to access/deep areas of the lake to undertake clearance /conservation works. There is more information on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Billys-Lake-Project/209483422524619.


John Elson