Tidal Diamond 344 – Galley & Bar, Constitution, lots of sailing, Lift out, launch and storage

Tidal Diamond No. 344

Galley & Bar Duties on Offer!
Please take time to read this.

As you all know TSC are finding it increasingly difficult to cover galley and bar duties and we can only open these facilities by relying on members volunteering. The current number of (much appreciated) volunteers is just not sufficient to cover all the intended opening hours. We really need new volunteers to be able to keep the galley and the bar open. At the moment the bar is very often without cover and in January & Feb 2014 there is no galley cover at present. So, whether you have been in the club for years or if you have recently joined we need your assistance.

Galley and bar duties are a great way to get to know people and to keep in touch with events at the club and you can save yourself £255 every year by volunteering for just 15 hours of maintenance duties …. that’s £17.00 per hour.

If you would like to volunteer for galley or bar training (or a mixture of both) please let me know (details below).

Many thanks

Steve Francis
TSC Social Secretary
07710 941241

Constitutional Amendments

Reminder to Members that any suggested Constitutional Amendments consideration at the Annual General Meeting, should be forwarded to the Hon Secretary by noon on Sunday 20th October.

Constitutional Amendments must be presented at the Nominations Meeting prior to being debated at the AGM.

Thank you

Maureen Clark
Hon Secretary

Re-run of the Nab Tower Race

The final Cruiser race of the year is scheduled for the 13/10/13 when we will stage the re-run of the Nab Tower Race. It is scheduled for a 1030 start, with LW at 12.38. This will mean both leaving and re-entering the Harbour on favourable tidal flows which worked very well for last weekend’s Forts and Fairways race. Sailing instructions and a signing on sheet will be displayed on the Cruiser notice board nearer the time.

Andrew Healey
Sailing Committee

End of season Folly Cruise – 19th – 20th October

I have provisionally booked places for 6 to 9 boats on the Folly pontoon for the Saturday night and for 15 to 20 people for dinner – unfortunately it will be the early setting as they are very busy, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Please let me know names & numbers ASAP so I can finalise the bookings – I will also put a notice on the board shortly.

Roger Smith
Cruiser Captain

Dinghy Trafalgar Pursuit Race – this Saturday 5th October, start time 1100

This Saturday sees the annual Trafalgar Pursuit Race commencing at 1100. For those of you haven’t taken part before this is a dinghy race with a staggered start based on your dinghy’s Portsmouth Yardstick. The intent is that the slower handicap dinghies start first and finally the fastest handicap dinghy starts last and, if all goes to plan, then the ideal scenario would be all dinghies cross the finish line at the same time. A recipe for disaster I hear you say – no a recipe for close racing where the challenge for all competitors is to either keep ahead of those behind or overhaul those in front. Surely that’s just the case in all races I hear you ask. Well no, with this handicapping system you really do have the ideal sense of closer racing as the handicap is administered at the start rather than after you have crossed the line and are retiring quietly in the bar.

So give it a go; the BBC weather shows westerly winds of about force three so that shouldn’t favour any type of dinghy and will give everyone a fair chance of taking the lead. I can foresee a close race and the more competitors the merrier – this truly is a race for all classes of dinghy.

This race will go ahead despite the non-availability of the club rib, and will operate with a land based race officer and club line.

The sailing instructions have been modified to allow for a land based race officer / club line start and can be found on the Tudor website through this link:

Phil Bryant – Dinghy Captain
Janice Bell

Club Racing – training session with Steve Parry from the RYA
Wednesday 13th November, 7pm

Calling all dinghy and cruiser racers. Come and meet Steve Parry, our RYA Southern Region Race Management Co-ordinator. Steve has ‘adopted’ Tudor as one of a number of clubs he will be working with to help improve race management standards. He will demystify the role of the race officer and help you understand more about how races are set up and managed. He will look at issues such as getting the length of the race right for the conditions, laying committee boat start lines, and hints and tips for making the role of race officer easier. Our aim is to improve the standard of races at Tudor to improve the experience for race officers and sailors alike. We also hope that by removing some of the myths, some sailors who have never been race officers will be willing to try out the role of race officer for the first time, and that those who already fill this important duty will improve their skills.

We would like to get an initial view of numbers attending, and may arrange some catering if numbers merit it. If you would like to attend, please send an email to the sailing committee at the email address sailing_committee

Janice Bell


Yes it’s that time already! Start thinking now about planning your weekend for the recovery of your boat NOW. As reminder I have listed below a simple check off list :

  • Attend safety brief in club house at 2000 on Wed 23rd October.
  • 0700 START SATURDAY 26th and SUNDAY 27th October.
  • Bring a Radio if not fitted on board and Monitor VHF # M1/37.
  • Rig Lines Fore and Aft to assist water babies handling your boat.
  • Make a trip out prior to the recovery and check your battery/engine.
  • Wear Lifejackets (Water Taxi will not carry you without one).
  • Keep your diary clear for both days.
  • Ensure any blocks/cradling devices are in place in compound North entrance prior to the weekend.
  • Check your tender is not full of water and can be moved easily.
  • Inform the Bosun no later than 25/10 of any specific requirements you may have for position in compound (not a free for all – this is for things like engine removal and mast maintenance).
  • If you recover prior to the weekend, please leave your mooring usable until after the recovery weekend. This assists with moving boats from second row to work the tides over the main recovery weekend.
  • If you are a second/third row mooring – make provisions to move to a vacant mooring front row. If unsure, contact me and I will advise.

As always we are looking for volunteers over the weekend to fill various roles. We are always keen to welcome new faces to the team of regulars. There are a number of positions, some that require training, and others that do not. If you think you would like to join the team as a Water Baby (Banksman in the water), Road Marshall, Compound Party (no not what you’re thinking !), Galley crew, or simply offering your time to help crew the boats coming ashore, then please contact either Steve Jones or Linda Vacher. This is an ideal opportunity for new members to the club to get down and see what Tudor is all about – SELF HELP.


George Thomson


Please be advised that the dates for launching next season are the weekend of April 12/13th. This is due to Easter being late next year (Good Friday April 18th).

With these dates in mind we are offering those who wish to launch earlier than the planned launch (12/13 April) to be recovered at this year’s recovery. This will enable those wishing to get afloat earlier next season to do so without too much disruption.

If you would like to take advantage of this, then please let me know, NO LATER THAN 23rd Oct. Please also be aware that it will be up to you to arrange for qualified Hoist Operator’s and Banksman to arrange a launch before the main lift in weekend.

George Thomson


For the last three or four years it has been the unpopular job of the Bosun to go around and decide who to invoice for Tenders not stored in the footprint of boats. There are very few boats that allow a tender to be stored directly underneath without over spilling into the neighbouring boats space. Furthermore, to enable work to be done on the hull, tenders have to be moved, thus not actually staying beneath boats for the entirety of the fitting out period. The manner in which we are cramming tenders in, purely to try and save paying a small additional fee for winter storage has resulted in creating a hazard when trying to access boats and utilities in the compound.

It has been agreed by the Executive Committee to invoice all those with Tenders for the winter period from this year onwards. If you choose to take your tender home, you can present your invoice to the Bosun, who will advise the Hon Secretary to alter the data base accordingly.

For those who may not be aware, we do have a club road trailer that can be booked by contacting Linda Vacher, Compound Bosun.

George Thomson