Tidal Diamond 343 – Ebb & Flow, Cruiser Updates, Survey

Tidal Diamond No. 3xx

Deadline for the October issue of Ebb and Flow – this is Friday, 27 September 2013

As usual, we need your input to make Ebb and Flow interesting so please let us know all about your sailing adventures and activities over the summer. If you are writing an article (and please do), a few photos if you have them help to make it even more interesting (and make it easier to adjust it to fit in the space available).

I’m sure you must have some sailing thoughts or experiences that we can all learn from or enjoy. Cruising tips – or trips, race training ideas, cooking in confined quarters, whether you achieved your plans and ambitions for the summer, what made you want to get afloat in the first place. Sailing trivia, book reviews, your favourite nautical film or poem? Would you recommend your type of boat to others and why? Contributions are welcomed for our next issue. Don’t be shy, start to write!

If you have an idea and aren’t too sure, get in touch.

Richard Curtis
Editor Ebb & Flow

Cruiser Update September 2013

Just a reminder, the 3rd leg of the Forts & Fairways going to be run on the 28th so that it can take place over a low water (makes the start and finish much easier if there is light wind!). The sign-on sheets will be on the board nearer the date. When the race is finished, we quite fancy popping over to Chichester Harbour for the evening, probably stopping in Itchenor reach, if anyone fancies joining us there.

End of season rally
It is a horrible thought, but it is only about a month before the boats come out and the season is over for another year. Traditionally, the club heads off to the Folly the week before lift out (19th / 20th October this year) for an end of season party – Who is interested in joining in, or does anyone have a good idea for an alternative venue? High water is around lunch time so heading west is probably best. I need to know numbers fairly soon to make bookings.

On the subject of the end of season, I propose that the cruiser captain for next year is chosen at the “Recovery briefing” on Wednesday 23rd October as most of us should be there.

It would be a good idea to get some feed back on who is interested in organised (ie with places booked) trips and possible destinations. An alternative thought is to have a “Destination” sheet on the cruiser notice board for people to write where they are heading the following weekend in case anyone wishes to join them – this would be helpful for the less experienced or less confident members – You could even show if you had space for or would like crew to join you.

Roger Smith
Cruiser Captain

Forts and Fairways

This Saturday is the third and final leg of the Forts and Fairways Series. Start time will be 1000 hours from the ECA start line. Please find attached sailing instructions for Leg 3 only. Copies of the sailing instructions and a signing on sheet will be available from Friday the 27/09 on the Cruiser Notice Board.

Andrew Healey
Sailing Committee

Love Where You Sail Questionnaire

A survey has been drawn up by the Environment Agency and Green Blue concerning faecal contamination from leisure vessels. It is hoped that many cruiser owner members of Langstone Harbour clubs will complete the survey. It would be helpful if you could do this on-line at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LoveWhereYouSail . It is a short 10 question survey so shouldn’t take long to complete.

SailInsts Forts and Fairways leg 2.doc v1.pdf