Tidal Diamond 341 – Ebb & Flow, Dinghy Cruise, Gould Trophy, Diary Dates

Tidal Diamond No. 341

Deadline for the October issue of Ebb and Flow – this is Friday, 27 September 2013

As usual, we need your input to make Ebb and Flow interesting so please let us know all about your sailing adventures and activities over the summer. If you are writing an article (and please do), a few photos if you have them help to make it even more interesting (and make it easier to adjust it to fit in the space available).

I’m sure you must have some sailing thoughts or experiences that we can all learn from or enjoy. Cruising tips – or trips, race training ideas, cooking in confined quarters, whether you achieved your plans and ambitions for the summer, what made you want to get afloat in the first place. Sailing trivia, book reviews, your favourite nautical film or poem? Would you recommend your type of boat to others and why? Contributions are welcomed for our next issue. Don’t be shy, start to write!

If you have an idea and aren’t too sure, get in touch.

Richard Curtis
Editor Ebb & Flow

Priory Bay Dinghy Cruise Sunday 15 September, departure 1200 prompt

Hello everyone, this Sunday is the final Dinghy Cruise of the best sailing season we’ve had for many a long year. I thought I should just put down a few words of detail and encouragement so that if you were thinking of maybe attending it may turn to a will attend. I’ll let you know up front I won’t be able to lead this cruise and I have to offer my great thanks to Kevin and Linda Vacher who have offered to lead the cruise from their Kestrel dinghy. They will be ably assisted by two teams in the RIB and the Dory to provide support cover and carry your sandwiches (first note – don’t forget to take a lunch for the stopover). The plan is to depart from TSC at 1200 and sail the two miles to the harbour entrance and then regroup ready to depart the harbour and make the five and half mile crossing to Priory Bay on the Isle of Wight. If you’ve never been I can strongly recommend it as it’s a great sheltered anchorage with a sandy beach so cruisers can drop the hook easily and dinghies can make a soft landing on a secluded shore. There’s a lunch stopover followed by a return to TSC, it’s a long sail but very rewarding.

Suggestions: take appropriate clothing, it’s a long passage and towards the end of the season. If you have layers then I would suggest you take them. Also water or some fluids to combat dehydration you could be working well if there is a long beat involved across the Solent. A compass is always mandatory for out of harbour expeditions and for those that have hand held GPS’ and Radios I would suggest you load up with batteries and take them along. As I said earlier take some lunch and that can be carried by the patrol boats if you’re sailing single handed and have little or no stowage.

I believe the briefing will be for about 1130, but Kevin will, I’m sure, make himself known and give an overview of the days programme. All I would add is to make sure that you’re ready to go for 1200 and follow the instructions given by the patrol boats especially when you’re approaching the shipping channel.

So you might think is it for me. Well I would say if you’ve had a marvellous sailing summer then this would be the icing on the cake that rounds off a great season. Finally you’ll take home an incredible sense of satisfaction and make me envious that I’ve missed it. Please support the event and have a great day.

Phil Bryant
Dinghy Captain

Gould Trophy Race

Please find attached the sailing instructions for this weekend’s rerun of the Gould Trophy. Please note that there is a small change to the transit line used for the Langstone start and finish lines. This is due to the fact that the Radar Towers which have been used for years have now both been demolished. These have now been replaced by the “redundant brick chimney at the entrance to the harbour”. A signing on sheet for the race and copies of the amended sailing instructions will be displayed on the Cruiser notice board from Friday 13th September.

Andy Healey
Sailing Committee

Social Events : Dates for your diary

25th September Wed : 6.30pm : Cadets end of season celebration
27th September Fri: 7.30pm : Quiz & fish and chips evening
16th October Wed : 8.00pm : Evening speaker : Paul Darlow/Paul Whyte : Hypothermia & First Aid

Steve Francis
Social Secretary

SailInsts Gould.doc v1.pdf