Tidal Diamond 338 – Weekend dinghy programme, Bar opening

Tidal Diamond No. 338

Bank Holiday Weekend Dinghy Programme

Some of you may have received a series of emails through the Dutyman system from Alan Saunders asking for volunteers to support the weekend’s programme. I’m pleased to say that the volunteers have stepped up to the plate and many thanks are owed to them. This short note is to confirm the programme and encourage those of you who may not have raced or cruised to come out and spend perhaps a day of our forthcoming long weekend on your dinghy in company. Remember it’s the last Bank Holiday before Christmas so come and enjoy the sunshine while we still have it.

Saturday 24 August – Summer Series 9 & 10 (start at 13:00 – HW 14:16)

This is final race of a series that started back in early June and is held from a committee boat start in an area to the south of the Marine Cardinal mark. It is a true Olympic triangle course (wherever possible) and gives you an excellent scope for testing your starting strategy without the concerns of the slipway and mud at either end of our club line start. If you are intending to race it as your first race please be aware that it might be a 15 minute sail (sometimes more) from the slipway to the start line so leave yourself plenty of time to depart.

Sunday 25 August – RNLI Binness Trophy (start at 14:00 – HW 15:01)

The Binness race is a circumnavigation of Langstone Harbour , usually up Russell’s Lake, through the narrow channel that separates Binness Island from the mainland sea wall, across to the far (from Tudor) channel and back via Sword Point. Entry is £5 per boat, payable to the Race Officer and all proceeds go to the RNLI. Please see the course on the day laid by the Race Officer as the above doesn’t constitute the Sailing Instructions. Even if you’re not a classic racer the course takes you around the parts of the harbour you wouldn’t normally visit and having checked the BBC weather it shows a 10kt North Westerly breeze, good for all racing skill levels.

Monday 26 August – Langstone Harbour Interclub 3 (start at 15:00 – HW 15:53)

This is the third and final of a race series that commenced early May and is hosted/race officered by each of the three Langstone Harbour clubs in turn, this time it’s our responsibility to supply a race officer. Once again it will be a down harbour start so allow plenty of time to get to the start. Locks SC have a strong entry and Langstone SC are well represented and there is no requirement to have raced in the series before hand so single entries on the day are more than welcome.

If you can make just one of the events you’ll experience a grand day out sailing in company and if you’ve ever wondered about racing and felt tempted to dip a toe in the water you can read a little more on line at the RYA racing pages.

Once again here’s to a warm, sunny and breezy weekend.

Phil Bryant
TSC Dinghy Captain

Bar Opening

Editors Note: I am repeating this notice to emphasise that, in spite of the title, this is referring to the galley only, not the bar, which will be open.

It is with regret that I have to inform you that due to lack of volunteers the galley will now be closed until Sunday 1st September.

As you know TSC is a self help club and the galley and bar always struggle to get enough volunteers to cover all of the standard opening times.

If you would like to gain some maintenance hours the galley and bar always need volunteers.

The galley and bar duties are a great way for new members to meet people and also gain maintenance hours.

It’s a great shame when these two core club facilities have to remain closed especially when there are enough members in the club who could cover them.

If you would like to volunteer for galley or bar (or galley and bar) please contact

Steve Francis, steve / 07710 941241 for galley duties or
Mark Tranter, wilsontranter

Steve Francis
Social Secretary