Tidal Diamond 334 – Rope Sale, RS Feva

Tidal Diamond No. 334

Sale of old rope

Don’t forget the chance to purchase money for old rope !! Sorry that should read old rope for money – requests to Bob Sobey by the end of the month please.

Bob Sobey

RS Feva World Championships

Just a few days until the start of this year’s RS Feva World Championships, this year being held in Marina di Grossetto, Tuscany, Italy. Max & Guy will be heading south early Friday morning, with a long drive ahead (for Paul & Nikki… the boys are not driving!) After registration and practice, the competition starts with two days of qualifying rounds, followed by three days of finals, sailed in Gold Silver and Bronze fleets. With a total entry of 180 boats, each fleet will be made up of 60 boats. After coming 23rd last year, after a frustratingly light wind week at HISC, Max & Guy are hoping for breezier conditions in Italy. They are both very grateful for all the support from Tudor, and are really hoping to do the club proud.

You can follow the racing via: http://rsfevaworlds.org/ or https://www.facebook.com/RSFevaWorlds or https://twitter.com/RSFevaWorlds (@RSFevaWorlds and using hashtag #RSFevaWorlds)

Paul Rivington