Tidal Diamond 330 – Tudor Jazz, Rope For Sale

Tidal Diamond No. 330

Tudor Jazz

Will be playing at the club on Friday evening 19th July.

Do come along and support your band (Denise Moore-dinghy sailor on vocals, Frank Sharvill-yachtie on guitar).

From 8.30 onwards (so hurry off the water all you dinghy sailors!)

Hope to see you there.

Denise :-)

Rope For Sale

The Bosun’s Committee have identified a number of hemp ropes which are surplus to requirements. The ropes have been kept in the garage but come without any guarantee, therefore inspection is recommended ( by mutual agreement ). This might be an opportunity to put a rope around tender gunwales perhaps, or whatever!

The details are as follows. ( all lengths are approximate )

30 mm diameter ropes – 24 metres ( 4 available ), 12 metres ( 3 available )

20 mm diameter ropes – 16 metres ( 5 available ), 12 metres ( 1 available ), 8 metres ( 1 available )

Club members who are interested should email their requirements along with their best offer price to bobsobey by 31st July.

Bob Sobey