Tidal Diamond 325 – Hoist, Calendar, Website and Course

Tidal Diamond No. 325

Tractor and Hoist

Please be advised that we have experienced a major fault with the Tractor during its operation today. The clutch has failed, which may also be the Slave Cylinder. Parts have been ordered and the earliest it can be worked on is next Wednesday 17th April. This will obviously have a bearing on how soon boats can be launched. I will provide an update as soon as I have any further information. Everything is being done to speed things up and we are also considering hiring a relief tractor, which would only allow dry launch’s (not dunking the tractor in the oggin !)

George Thomson

Calendar Updates

  1. Fairway Beacon Race (DINGHY) Sat 18 May (10.00)

    Please note that although the printed calendar is correct, the online version of the calendar was showing an incorrect date for this race. DutyMan was also incorrect until this week. The website and DutyMan have now been corrected.

  2. High Water Cruise

    The High water Cruise did not go ahead on Monday 1st April so will now go ahead on 13 July, shown as High Water Cruise 2 in your printed calendar.

Robert Nicholson

Comment facility on the website

Richard and I have implemented a new “comment” facility for sailing events on the website. We think this will be useful to allow people to say thinks like “I’ll be coming to this event” especially for the cruises and “sailing in company” events. To leave a comment, simply click on the event either on the front page of the website or on the main calendar. You will need to log in with the username and password from the printed 2013 calendar (page 3) but if you tick the box “remember me” then you’ll stay logged in all year. Then you’ll be able to see any comments already left for that event and you’ll be able to leave a comment with your name.

Any events which have comments will get a little red “comment” icon next to them on the front page. Comments are only visible to Tudor members.

Note that there is no easy way to remove a comment once left. Also note that we have implemented this as a very “light touch” – no requirement to log in with personal email/password etc but we do log the IP address used to leave each comment.

If you have thoughts or questions on the comment facility please drop me a line to cadetcaptain

Robert Nicholson

VHF Short Range Certificate (SRC) Course to be held at Tudor Club House on 13 May and 14 May 2013

We plan to hold a SRC Course in the Clubhouse on 2 consecutive evenings Monday 13 May and Tuesday 14 May 2013.

The course has places for 10 students and will be on a first come first served basis. The course will commence at 18:30 hours on both days and will cost approximately £25 per person (the final cost will be dependant on the numbers attending) plus £30 for the certificate.

In addition you will be required to bring a passport sized photo for the certificate.

To reserve a place or for more details please E Mail or phone me. Responses by 19 April 2013 latest would be appreciated to allow us to confirm with the Instructor

Steve Jones