Tidal Diamond 325 – Compound re-organisation, Sailing season preparation

Tidal Diamond No. 325

New Members
We would like to welcome to two new members approved at the March exec meeting: Shaun Holley who is already known to some as he crews with a couple of cruiser owners; Tom Forrester who was a Tudor member some time ago and has now returned to the club and sails a 420.

COMPOUND RE-Org Friday 5th at 18:00 HOURS

Spring is here but, given the forecast, I would keep your winter woollies out for a little longer. The ‘summer only’ boats have / are returning for the new season.

This is the first time we’ve done re-org in an evening so we’ll have to see if it goes well and we get enough / as much help as we normally do on a Saturday morning.

Thankfully there does not seem to be the necessity to cut back the greenery around the edge of the compound at present. By Friday all the boats will have this year’s sticker on. Please let me know if you have changed or moved your boat at all so I can update my records. It would also be useful if you could tell me if you have NOT brought your dinghy back for this season yet. Email is best way thanks. Please make sure your trolley is marked clearly with your surname to make identifying it as quick as possible on Friday. I’ve looked around and quite a few and not marked or the marking is now mostly unreadable. Obviously boats will have to be moved so it is also important that the tyres are pumped up and the trolley is in good order. Thank you.

The cruiser re-launch went very well and the club was full of goodwill towards each other. You will have noticed that there are still quite a few (35) big boats left in the compound with various jobs to be done – a lot of which needed the warmer weather which never really came!!

I’ve noticed that there is a lot of wood of various shapes and sizes just inside the North gate. If this belongs to you can you remove / take home as soon as possible please. There are some ladders locked to the fence, these also need to be removed please.

A skip costs a ‘tidy sum’ be good if we did not have to pay out for this – Kevin and I have removed a lot of junk from the compound but please just take your own rubbish away!

Looking forward to a ‘catch up’ in the club after the re-org on Friday.

Thanks very much,

Linda Vacher
Compound Bosun

Cruiser Racing

Please could I ask all Cruiser Sailors that are intending to race this season to complete the attached form and return it to myself by email. The completion of this form will only be required if you either have a new boat, made changes to either your propeller configuration or are changing your “rig preference” for in and out of harbour races. If I don’t receive a form by the start of the race season I will presume you are intending to use the same declaration as last year.

My email address is andy.healey

Regards Andy Healey
Cruiser race coordinator.

Compound Re-organisation

This Friday, 05/04/13, we will be undertaking the Compound re-organisation which starts at 1800 hours. To assist the Bosons committee in this task please can we request the following:-

  1. All stickers are attached to dinghies and tenders.
  2. All dinghies are clearly marked with the owners and boats name.
  3. All trolleys are in a serviceable condition, including tyres being inflated.
  4. All tenders are fitted with a drain plug and are free from rain water.

Your assistance in this matters will be greatly appreciated and will defiantly speed up the process of the reorganisation.

Regards Sailing Committee.

Dinghy Pre-Season Meeting – Friday 5th April 2000 TSC Clubhouse

As you read this I will be either preceding or following Linda Vacher’s request for volunteers to assist with the compound clearance prior to the commencement of summer proper and the dinghies taking the summer allocated spaces. So forgive me if the two messages overlap somewhat.

Traditionally directly after the compound clearance we have held the Dinghy Pre-Season meet and this year with the compound clearance commencing at 1800 this coming Friday I intend to have the meeting in the Clubhouse for 2000. It’s certainly not a three line whip and it’s intended to give the summer users (and the winter racers) the opportunity to renew friendships that this freezing cold weather has done nothing to support. I’m happy to take any questions you may have on any subject that impact on the dinghy sailing at the club. I may not have a direct answer but I’ll certainly take the question forward through our relevant committees. So my bullet points are as follows:Welcome to our newer members.

  • Overview of the dinghy racing and cruising calendar for the year.
  • An understanding that we need to take more volunteers from the dinghy fraternity, amongst others, to support the Patrol Boat manning over the year.
  • The process for reporting RIB/Dory deficiencies/faults/damage in all uses supporting Dinghy Cruises and Racing, Cadets and Lift in & out. (There will be a Tidal Diamond to follow later on this aspect).
  • Any questions…

If you’re not able to make the meeting but still would like to ask a question then please contact me on dinghies

Phil Bryant
Tudor Sailing Club Dinghy Captain

Rig declaration form.doc