Tidal Diamond 323 – Cruiser Launch, Social Secretary

Tidal Diamond No. 323

Cruiser Re-launch

PARKING – The car park at next to Kendel’s is not available this year. Marshal’s will direct drivers to use the Portsmouth Outdoor Centre (POC) car park. Because of the large numbers of boats not launching, parking initially will be restricted to the POC. The small car park North of the North gates will be out of bounds. We will need this to put boats into to allow access to those launching. Late comers may be allowed to use the grass verges, but only as directed by Marshal’s. Emergency access must be allowed at all times.

MANPOWER AVAILABILITY – Everyone is expected to turn up on both Saturday and Sunday. Boats staying ashore must be attended by owners when lifted (likely to be more than once). Furthermore we still require crews to assist in all of the other activities. Remember those who will be giving up their time after the re-launch weekend to assist in launching all the late stayers.

ONCE AFLOAT – The water taxi will disembark crews immediately or shortly after boats have successfully moored. Skippers may need to remain a little longer to check for leaks and secure boats. The water taxi can either be hailed or called on VHF #M1.

BOATS STAYING ASHORE – Every effort will be made to position boats to satisfy individual requirements. This will not be easy and you may find yourself penned in and unavailable to launch until a suitable slot is available based around other boats and subsequent planned lifts.

Once again, please be advised that it is your responsibility to arrange your lift in after the club re-launch weekend. Overstay fees come into force from 1st May. Sick boat status must be applied for in writing and will be considered at the next available Bosun’s meeting. (That’s when I become unpopular !!)

BOATS LAUNCHING – We may at some stage during the weekend adopt a different procedure that involves no water babies. This will involve a dedicated crew of 4 embarking on the slipway to man handle your boat clear of the hoist and to remove/unhook the aft sling. If you are one of these boats, your only crew will be one person to assist going to your mooring. This will be subject to the weather and state of tide. Take time to run up your engines and

LENGTH OF MOORING STROPS – One and a half times the length of waterline to stem head + distance to cleat. It was noted several boats last year had strops too long. This causes clashes with other boats. Please take time to review your set up once you have moored.

IDENTIFYING MOORINGS – The harbour master has requested that moorings are clearly identified. Please ensure your mooring has the correct number clearly marked on it. If you launching later and still have winter marks on your mooring, please also ensure these are clearly marked with your mooring number. We have had a recent incident where wrongly marked moorings resulted in improved moorings being wrongly positioned, thus bringing the whole process to a halt.

I hope to see a good turnout at tonight’s safety briefing. If you are unable to attend then I most certainly look forward to seeing you all at the weekend. I hope it turns out to be a successful weekend, given the huge amount of work involved. It’s not too late to change your mind – GET AFLOAT. Remember we are a self help and not a help self club.

George Thomson

Social Secretary

We are very pleased to announce that Steve Francis has offered to stand as Social Secretary and was appointed at the last Exec Committee meeting on Monday.

Richard Gunn


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